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Full Digital Sound system

Clarion’s Full Digital Sound Brings the Uncompromising Sound of the Future to Everyone

The High Quality that Full Digital Sound system Delivers

Extremely High-Resolution

Development of the dedicated LSI for automotive grade enabled Clarion to combine direct digital signal input for 96kHz sampling with 256-times oversampling to achieve the world’s first*1 24.5MHz high-output, high-velocity drive. This enables unprecedented high-resolution sound reproduction.

*1 Used as multi-drive D-class driver for automotive grade use

● Resolution comparison of D-class power amplifier and Full Digital Sound
Drive system Operating frequency
D-class power amplifier 0.2 ~ 0.8MHz
Full Digital Sound 24.5MHz
The wave form has higher resolution and is more faithful to the original source wave than a D-class power amplifier.

Multi-Drive System

The dedicated LSI for automotive grade separates the source digital signal into multiple signals, which are used to independently drive an equal number of voice coils. Combining the wave forms enables subtle reproduction of sound expressions.

All Speaker Units Driven by Dedicated LSI for Automotive Grade

Each full digital speaker unit offers superior separation because it is driven independently by internal*2 dedicated LSIs for automotive grade.
*2 The tweeter driver that dedicated LSI for automotive grade is built into the sound processor.

Newly Developed 6-Layer Multi-Voice Coil Goes beyond Conventional Speaker Conceptions

The system incorporates advanced digital signal processing technology (Dnote*3) to transmit multiple digital signals directly to the voice coil, as well as a 6-layer multi-voice coil to achieve a precise cone stroke. By consolidating 6 different vibrational forces, the speaker delivers high powered, high-quality sound even while minimising power consumption to save energy.
Dnote*3 Trigence Semiconductor’s Dnote technology is used for digital signal processing.
Clarion’s proprietary, dedicated LSI for automotive grade converts the 96kHz X 256-times oversampled signal into 6 separate channels of digital signals. Not all of the 6 voice coils are driven all the time. Only the required voice coils are driven in accordance with the volume level, making for an energy-efficient system.

High-Resolution, High-Response Driving Delivers Sharp, Crisp Sound

The Full Digital Sound system makes extremely high-response reproduction possible by applying only the necessary voltage to the necessary voice coil.

High-response contributes to sound reproduction with clearly defined sound staging.

Clarion’s Original High-Purity Transmission and Energy Saving Technologies Take Full Digital Sound to the Next Generation

96kHz Sampling Frequency for High Quality from Sources Ranging from High-Resolution to Analogue

For direct full digital reproduction of high-resolution audio files stored on your high-resolution smartphone (Android™) or tablet, connect using the USB host cable (OTG cable). Other types of digital sources such as CDs will be upconverted to 96kHz/24bit. Analogue sources will be converted to high-resolution digital audio data. Everything from audio processing to the digital transmission of signals to the speakers takes place at high-resolution 96kHz/24bit.

Employs SHARC® High-Precision DSP

32-bit floating point processing enables the DSP to FIR filter to achieve a very accurate Equaliser.
* SHARC and the SHARC logo are registered trademarks of Analog Devices, Inc.

Eliminates the Effects of Counter Electromotive Force for Non-NFB High-Quality Sound

Typical power amplifiers incorporate an NFB (Negative Feedback) circuit in order to attenuate the effects of power fluctuation, minimise distortion, and improve the damping factor to provide stable performance.
However, this method can disrupt the audio waveform by introducing the counter electromotive force generated at the speaker into the input signal, thereby negatively impacting the subtle nuances of sound. Full Digital Sound assures high sound quality by incorporating a high-speed, response-regulated power supply that eliminates those adverse effects.

Digital Signal Transmission Reduces Alternator Noise

The Full Digital Sound system incorporates a high-speed, response-regulated power supply as well as single-point grounding in order to eliminate the ground loop and dramatically reduce the alternator noise that had been a major challenge for conventional audio systems.
Doing this has enabled the creation of an exceptional listening environment.

Full Digital Sound for High-Efficiency and Energy Saving

Power Amplifier-Less Design Using Original Driving Method

Unlike conventional systems that require either a power amplifier inside the centre unit or an external power amplifier, our full digital system does not require any power amplifier, enabling the development of lightweight, simplified systems.

Energy Saving, Compact Design

Electricity is efficiently converted into the power necessary to drive the speakers and output sound. This greatly reduces the energy that until now had been inefficiently wasted as heat. What’s more, low output level efficiency is improved compared to common digital power amplifiers. This makes it possible to dramatically improve energy efficiency and create systems without heat sinks, contributing to further miniaturisation and weight reduction.

Made to Resist Power Fluctuations

The Full Digital Sound system is able to accommodate sudden fluctuations of sound pressure because each speaker has its own high-speed, response-regulated power supply. As a result, system stability is always maintained without having to rely on an external capacitor.

The Versatility of Full Digital Sound

Power Digital Line Carrier System for Easy System Creation through to the Subwoofer

Power and digital signals are transmitted together using the speaker harness of your car as-is. This is the world’s first*1 highly reliable system to piggyback a digital signal at low amplitude in order to maintain compliance with vehicular standards regulating unwanted radiation emissions.
Digital transmission, impervious to the effects of noise, delivers the ultimate quality that even high-grade analogue cables aren’t able to provide. What’s more, the system is easily scalable and upgradable since no complicated wiring is necessary; connection requires only two cables*2.
*1 As of September 2012 (Clarion research)
*2 Subwoofer requires separate power source connection.
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