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Multi-brand repair service

A long-term commitment

Clarion Europe has been based in Custines (France, Meurthe and Moselle) since 1984. In 2002, its car stereo manufacturing plant was converted into a cutting-edge repair service for the whole of Europe.
With its wealth of unique knowledge, the Clarion Europe Repair Service expanded steadily, offering guarantees to both automotive and electronics brands that their faulty products could be repaired.

A multi-product and multi-brand commitment

We provide services to some of the biggest automotive brands. Our technicians don't just repair our own brand audio and navigation equipment, they also repair other manufacturer's brands upon request. Our expertise also covers other on-board electronic equipment, such as dashboard instrument panels or Engine Communication Units (ECUs).

Commitment to communication

Clarion Europe works with all of the countries in the European Union. Technical and commercial telephone support is provided in 6 languages. From Lisbon to Munich, Naples to London, you can communicate with our services easily and rely on a fast and simple delivery service.

Commitment to responsiveness

The majority of our repairs are completed within 2 to 5 days, including picking up and returning the product.

Commitment to service

Is the fault particularly complex? Is the repaired product not functioning fully? Our 'Flying Doctors' will come to your site, bringing the solution to you (this service is available in France, Germany and Belgium).

Commitment to expertise

Clarion has been placed among the leading developers and manufacturers of on-board electronics for over 75 years, working to serve the end-consumers and automotive manufacturers. This unique expertise is wholly reflected within the walls of Clarion Europe. From our engineers' and technicians' expertise to our cutting-edge technical equipment (analogue and digital signal generators, oscilloscopes, climate chambers, heat benders, computer-programming tools, lead-free soldering stations, anti-static environments etc.), we have all the resources we need to resolve even the most complex problems.

Commitment to respect the consumer

"No" to obsolescence... This catchphrase sums up Clarion's fundamental principles, for whom quality is a rule. A product should have more than one life. That is why 98% of the products entrusted to our service are indeed restored and receive specific preventative measures that will prolong this new life and reduce costs. These interventions represent savings of 50% to 90% compared to the price of a new product.

Commitment to the environment

Our work, therefore, has an economic impact and of course, a substantial ecological impact. Technology is a gift when it is responsible, and for decades Clarion has been campaigning to provide products and services that do not compromise on that ideal.
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