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Sirius software update for CZ501

This software improves the following symptoms.

*trouble when SIRIUS SCC1 connecting


*Please confirm software version of your unit before updating.

Please refer below 3. Confirm result.

No need to update your unit if the software meets the conditions below.

・When the software version is "VM-0810-1U".

e.g. If the software version of your unit is "VM-1208-1U" or "VM-0118-1U" , You need to update by "VM-0810-1U".

If the software version of your unit is ”VM-0810-1U”, you do not need to update.

*Do not POWER-OFF the unit during update.

*Do not operate the unit while the unit is updating.

*When the unit is updated, radio preset frequencies, audio settings, and adjustment settings stored in memory are cleared.

Please record all stored in memory before update.


1.1. Download

Please download ”update_tool for CZ501 sirius.zip” file.

The file is zip-compressed , and you need to unzip them on your PC before copying to a USB memory device.

■update_tool for CZ501 sirius.zip (50kB)

When this file is unzipped, One file is shown in ”update_tool for CZ501 sirius” folder.

*CZ501MCU.BIN (129kB)



1) Please copy "CZ501MCU.BIN" to an empty USB memory device from your PC.
2) Insert the USB memory device to the USB slot on the unit when the unit is POWER-ON. And then the LCD will indicate “MCU UPG.”.
3) Please keep waiting and DO NOT POWER OFF the unit untill the unit reset itself automatically.
4) Remove the USB memory device from the unit.
5) Finished update. Please check the software version for your unit.

3.Confirm result

1) Please turn on the unit. Press VOL knob and preset button “6” in Tuner-mode.
2) Confirm that the version should be "VM-0810-1U".

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