7" In-Vehicle Smartphone Controller

Intelligently Adapts Key iPhone® Functions for In-Vehicle Use

Clarion “Next GATE” easily installs in any vehicle regardless of make, model or year. And once in your car, you can access iPhone functions through voice commands, and the large 7-inch touch screen. It looks like a car navigation unit, but since it draws its functionality from your iPhone, it can do a whole lot more! And since it lets you keep your existing factory audio system, you can add advanced functionality to virtually any vehicle in a cost-effective way.

Clarion’s “Infostructure” Provides Future-Ready Services

Clarion helps your smartphone to be even smarter while on the road. Clarion “Smart Access” uses advanced cloud technology to help your smartphone access valuable information, and offers possibilities for future enhancement. Next GATE and its cloud service for vehicle enables safe access to Internet based services and content from your iPhone all from the comfort and safety of your own vehicle.

A Growing Array of App Content Providers

Choose from various iPhone apps that have been optimized for use on Next GATE. Currently Vlingo©, PANDORA®, TuneIn, Odyssey, INRIX®, MotionX®-GPS Drive and others are available such as FB4Car (Facebook), Tweet4car (Twitter), News and Weather with many more coming soon. Since there are shared apps usable on your iPhone whether connected to Clarion Next GATE or not, you get truly seamless enjoyment of their functions in and out of your vehicle.

Optimizes Your iPhone Functions for In-Vehicle Use

Next GATE goes a step beyond just bringing iPhone functionality into your vehicle. In addition to Hands-Free Calling for safe telephone communication while driving, you also get Voice Command Recognition for a truly hands-free experience. E-mail/Voice Input/SMS Text Messaging remove the barriers between text and voice communication so you’ ll always be in touch with the world even while on the road.

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