Parrot Bluetooth® for Hands-Free No-Fuss Phoning

Wide compatibility with mobile phones is assurance that you’ll have maximum hands-free communication in your car, with minimum hassle. Also enjoy playing music stored on your phone with Bluetooth audio streaming.

Superior iPod® and iPhone® Connectivity

Just connect your iPod or iPhone to the source unit’s USB port to access and play music through the car audio system. Operate iPod using source unit controls, including “ABC Search”, or use control wheel of iPod “Simple Control”.

Pandora® for Your Drive.

Have fun with the same Pandora® stations you enjoy on your home PC. Give songs a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” — this interactivity means you’ll be listening to more of the songs you want. Just connect iPhone and open up a new world of radio.

SiriusXM-Ready™ with Optional Tuner Module.

Connecting an optional SiriusXM tuner module gives access to over 130 channels, support for iTunes Tagging, as well as Artist Alerts, Song Alerts, Game Alerts and Replay functions to keep you up to date.

Digital Time Alignment and More for Sound Customizing

Digital Time Alignment makes the sound from each speaker reach the listener at the same time, for perfect sound imaging. And the 3-way crossover makes sure that each speaker receives an optimized signal.

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