• Compact Disc Text
  • 24-Bit D/A Converter: Music Reproduction at Its Best
  • Time Alignment
  • Parametric EQ: Taking Sound Customization to the Next Level
  • CeNET
  • 4V/8ch Output
  • AUX Input

Enjoy your music like it was intended to be heard

No other source unit combines the DRZ9255’s dedication to pure sonic performance with signal processing power at this level. The 24-bit 96kHz D/A converter recreates music without any phase shift or attenuation - the result is silky smooth, incredibly life-like and detailed sound that deserves the name Clarion. The incredible accuracy of the time alignment, parametric equalization and built-in crossovers make it easier than ever to tune your system perfectly. Housed in a copper plated chassis and powered by an external DC-DC power supply, the DRZ9255 is the only choice for the true audio enthusiast.

  • Dual 24-bit / 96 kHz Sampling Digital-to-Analog Burr-Brown Converters and DSP
  • Built-In 4-Way Crossovers
  • 5-Band Parametric Equalizer
  • Digital Time Alignment for Each Line Level Output
  • 8-Channel/4-Volt Gold Plated Oxygen-Free Copper RCA Outputs
  • 0.5dB-Step Electronic Volume Adjustment Circuit
  • Copper Plated Chassis
  • External DC/DC Converter
  • CeNET Control of Optional CD Changer, TV Tuner and iPod Interface
  • Two 2-Channel AUX Inputs
  • Zinc Die-Cast Faceplate
  • Fiber Optic Input/Output
  • Vacuum Florescent Display
  • 18FM/6AM Presets
  • Remote Control Included

Conventional CD Players Can Only Reproduce Frequencies Up to Around 20 kHz

The spiral pattern on CDs represents numbers (“digit” means “number”). These numbers represent measurements of an audio signal (and other data). When a digital recording is made, measurements can be made 44,100 times each second (per channel). At that sampling rate, frequencies up to around 20 kHz can be recorded… so the frequency range of conventional CD players barely extends over 20 kHz.

High-Frequency Harmonics Add Richness and Depth to Sound

Why can’t conventional CDs encode data for frequencies over the limit of around 20 kHz? Because the people who set the CD standard believed that no one could hear those high frequencies. If such frequencies were on a conventional CD, the filters in a conventional CD player would remove those frequencies. Furthermore, analog filters can cause phase distortion of the signals that go through them, causing the high frequencies that do come out of the player to come out at the wrong times. Ironically, high-frequency harmonics can affect the details and the depth of sound.

96 kHz Oversampling Enables Reproduction That Is More Faithful to the Original Source

The 96 kHz digital anti-imaging filter interpolates samples into the audio signal from the disc at a speed more than twice as fast as the CD standard sampling rate of 44.1 kHz. This is the first such digital filter designed for vehicle audio. Without oversampling, the signal from a CD must be filtered in the analog domain to reduce high-frequency noise, and such analog filters cause phase (time) distortion. Oversampling filters are free from phase distortion, so they deliver more musical detail and more of the realistic resonances of real live sound.

Copper Plated Chassis Reduces Distortion and Noise

The use of a copper plated chassis minimizes the creation of spurious electrical currents that could distort the audio signal. Additionally, the copper plating can reduce noise because it creates an insulating shield. Zinc has a high specific gravity, high rigidity, and low resonance, so a die-cast zinc panel can reduce distortion caused by vibration. Because components such as the power supply, VFD devices for the display, and the drive mechanism can cause noise in the signal, those components are externally positioned away from the audio signal.

Burr-Brown Advanced Segment 24-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter

After the data from the disc goes through the 96-kHz filter, it is processed by a Burr-Brown advanced segment 24-bit DAC with superior dynamics and resistance to clock jitter. The Digital-to-Analog conversion is highly accurate because the DAC’s internal structure is a four DAC configuration operating on an L–R differential signal.

Turning the Display OFF to Turn Sound Quality ON

When the DRZ9255 plays a CD or other source, its display can be turned off to minimize interference from circuits that can otherwise degrade sound quality.

The DRZ9255’s DC / DC Converter Keeps Great Sound In and Keeps Noise Out

The DRZ9255 is truly an audiophile source unit. Its external DC / DC converter is comprised of components of the highest quality from its input wiring through its chassis to its output fuses. This power supply gives the DRZ9255 both strength and precision, and its six-sided shielded casing repels noise even during high-load bursts. To prevent even the smallest vibration, the power supply is wrapped in a die-cast aluminum casing and a copper plated chassis. Toroidal choke coils inside the power supply minimize induced vehicle noise and loss of power. A large capacity low impedance condenser allows this external component to supply pure power. Clarion takes this one step beyond by equipping this power supply with a gold plated connection terminal to further minimize power loss.

The World’s Best 0.7 Cm per Step Digital Arrival Time Alignment

This function lets you delay signals going through as many as eight channels so sound from all speakers can arrive at one location simultaneously. Arrival times can be optimized for the driver, front passenger, both front seats, rear seats, or all seats. You can quickly and easily select the system’s acoustic pattern… or choose settings based on the type of vehicle or number of passengers. Signals can be delayed for differences in distance of up to 500 centimeters (over 16 feet) in increments of 7 millimeters (approximately one forth of an inch).

96 kHz Sampling D/A Converter

Copper Plated Chassis Prevents Sound Deterioration

World’s First 0.5dB Step Electronic Volume Circuit

Silver-Coated SK:6N (99.9999% Oxygen-Free) Copper RCA

Conceptual Diagram of Frequency/Phase Characteristics

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