• MAX 640W
  • Maximum Power Output 640 Watts
  • Continuous Average Power Output 320 Watts (80 Watts × 4 Channels into 4 Ohms 20Hz-20kHz @ 0.05% THD)
  • Typical 2-Ohm Stereo 115 Watts × 4 Channels @ 0.2% THD
  • Typical 2-Ohm Bridged Power 230 Watts × 2 Channels @ 0.2% THD
  • Bass Extender Control 0~15dB @ 45Hz
  • Adjustable 55Hz-550Hz, 12dB/oct. High/Low-Pass Crossover
  • Mixed Mode Operation
  • 4/3/2-Channel Operation
  • MOS-FET Output Design
  • Speaker Level Inputs
  • Double-Sided FR4 PC Board

Striking a Chord Through Cosmetic Functionality

With countless heat sinks, a striking aluminum die-cast body, and an attractive center emblem, Clarion demonstrates its pursuit for cutting-edge looks and performance through flawless execution. Working twofold, the design not only boasts progressive aesthetics, but also the ability to maximize heat dissipation effects for high-power performance in minimal space. On the heels of perfection, Clarion leaves no stone unturned with a design that melds functionality and eye-popping cosmetics.

Outstanding System Upgradeability

Touting versatility and flexibility, Clarion’s amplifiers are the perfect compliment to any multiple subwoofer and amplifier setup. Because of its built-in low-pass and high-pass filters, the amplifiers allow for adjustment in the 50Hz to 550Hz frequency range over all channels. They can also be switched to handle higher frequency ranges between 550Hz to 5,500Hz with a simple touch of a button. The amplifiers also tout input mixing for additional adaptability when wiring the amplifiers in a bridged configuration, allowing the left and right input signals to adequately feed a low-frequencyfiedling subwoofer.

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