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GPS Navigation with Rich Graphics and Superior Functionality


Map Graphics 

Realistic 3D rendered maps, 2D maps, and more. The system automatically changes to the style that is most useful in the current situation.

3D Landmarks
Landmarks are superimposed 3-dimensionally on maps, realistically showing key points along your travel route.

2D Map 

Similar to a paper road map, offering a clean look and feel and giving you a better sense of the distances between locations. 

Lane Information And Signposts 

This screen shows information about the current route, and the fields displayed on it are continuously updated as you drive. Tapping on any field will show you more details. 

Combined Search 

There are several ways to select the destination of the route. You can find buttons in the Destination menu that initiate a separate search for addresses, Places, Favourite or recent destinations. The fastest way to search for any of these is to use the Combined Search.

Night / Day Mode 

The map screen brightness and color scheme are automatically adjusted to provide maximum visibility without glare or eye strain when you turn the car’s lights on or off.


microSD Card Slot for Updates

Navigation map updates can Uploaded to the supplied microSD Card Slot. Just access the Clarion portal site using your PC, save data to a microSD card and insert it into the card slot in front of the NX604. You’re done in no time!

* You can get the free 30 day Latest Map Guarantee.
* You can buy the updated map data.

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