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Full Digital Sound system

Hear Pure, Immersive Audio Like You Have Never Heard Before.
Clarion’s Full Digital Sound system is a revolutionary new all-digital sound system, providing a major leap forward in both sound quality and efficiency by maintaining audio in an uncompromised, full digital form up until the moment you hear it. Designed to eliminate fidelity loss, the system is also exceptionally efficient despite delivering performance comparable to traditional systems many times its size.

Clarion’s Full Digital Technology Revolutionizes Car Audio

Digital-to-Digital from Source to Speakers, Clarion’s Revolution is Pure and Simple

Full Digital Sound achieves full digital signal transfer from the digital source to the speakers for high-resolution audio sources without sound degradation. Furthermore since it efficiently converts digital signals to sound, the system is capable of delivering 4 times the power output of a conventional full digital system*1, while achieving power consumption that’s only about 1/5th that of analog systems*2.

*1 Compared to other Clarion references. (Conventional full digital systems were only sold in the Japanese market.)
*2 Compared to the drive circuit of a typical factory original audio system.

● Conventional System


● Full Digital Sound System


Experience Sound Like Never Before

Clarion Develops the World’s First*3 Dedicated Automotive Grade LSI Optimized to Drive Full Digital Speakers

Clarion developed the world’s first dedicated automotive grade LSI for digital speakers. It succeeded in offering higher output power compared to conventional LSI*4 while maintaining high-quality performance in severe temperature conditions. Moreover, one-chip high-speed drive (24.5MHz) makes it possible to accommodate high-resolution audio sources.
*3 As of September 2015, Clarion research.
*4 Compared to other Clarion references. (Conventional full digital systems were only sold in the Japanese market.)



Flexible and Versatile System Set-up

Versatility to Connect to Many External Audio Sources

In addition to offering connectivity with our center unit, the system also supports connection with third party aftermarket center units and external audio devices. And by simply connecting a smartphone or tablet via USB cable, playback of music on those devices also becomes possible.
Connectors: USB, Digital input (Optical), Digital input (Coaxial), RCA input, Speaker Level input



Become the Orchestra Conductor - Master Your Music Precisely the Way You Like to Hear It.

Intuitive Tuning using your Smartphone or Tablet

By installing an application on your smartphone or tablet, you can intuitively operate high-precision tuning, including Crossover, Time Alignment, and Equalizer. Even fine tuning can be done with a few simple steps.



Supports Playback of High-Resolution Audio Sources

You can use a USB host cable (OTG cable) to connect to a smartphone or tablet and enjoy playback of high-resolution audio content and other music files stored on your smartphone or tablet with digital-to-digital quality. Full Digital Sound reproduces all the fine nuances and presence of high-resolution audio sources.
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