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Take Your Favorite Tunes To A Whole New Level

All-New Design Delivers More Than Just Good Looks

Introducing the CZ305, an all-new, sleek designed audio system that delivers high quality sound entertainment. The exterior features a “bold stylish design” with diagonally cut surfaces, creating a sharp impression while maintaining simplicity and ease of use.

Bluetooth® aptX® for Superior Sound Entertainment via Bluetooth Audio Devices

CZ305 incorporates the Bluetooth aptX codec that is also incorporated in many Android™ Phones. Since it restores the sound elements that are lost during digital compression of audio files, you can enjoy near CD quality sound. Now it’s possible to listen to high quality audio with wireless convenience.

Enjoy Interactive Pandora® internet radio Anytime On the Road

Have fun with the same Pandora internet radio stations you enjoy at home on your PC. Just connect your iPhone and open up a whole new world of audio. Give songs a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” — this interactivity means you’ll be listening to more of the songs you want.
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