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Digital FH Wireless Camera and Monitor System




Advantage of Clarion Wireless Camera Systems

The systems have the following features and benefits.
• Reduces costs by deleting need for video cables and video cable installation.
• Short video signal delay (200msec under ideal conditions).
• Heavy duty design, built to meet rigorous commercial vehicle standards.
• Less susceptible to external signal interference.
• Longer transmission distance than WLAN gives wider vehicle applicability.
FH camera system for maximum security and minimal signal interruption.

Reduces the installation costs of connecting cables.

Modulation system: FH (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology.

Transmitter is built into the camera.

Receiver is integrated into the 7” LCD monitor.

Pre-Paired at manufacture.

Short signal delay: Approximately 200 milliseconds under ideal conditions.

Recommended vehicle types: Commercial trucks (up to around 10m length), Recreational vehicles etc.

System configuration


Pairing method


Application examples

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