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Digital WLAN Receiver




Advantage of Clarion Wireless Camera Systems

The systems have the following features and benefits.
• Reduces costs by deleting need for video cables and video cable installation.
• Easier Camera System integration when regularly switching trailers.
• Minimized video signal delay (100msec under ideal conditions).
• Heavy duty design, built to meet rigorous commercial vehicle standards.
• Easy pairing operation.

Digital WLAN Receiver

Combination with CC3500E
Digitally transmitted images over WLAN provide safety and
convenience while driving.

Reduces the installation costs of connecting cables.

Transmitter is built into the camera.

Wireless standard: IEEE802.11b/g.

Very short signal delay: Approximately 100 milliseconds under ideal conditions.

Easy pairing operation: Just press pairing button and select the camera to be paired on monitor.

Allows for connecting with existing monitor with composite video input.

Recommended vehicle types: Mini-Van, Small Trucks, Forklift

System configuration


Pairing function


How to perform pairing

Pairing the camera and receiver is possible with simple operation as follows.

Application example

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