New Global "Clarion" Starting from 2006

Clarion Co., Ltd. (President: Tatsuhiko IZUMI) is launching their new global brand “Clarion” under the brand key words “Human Mobile Music Media Interface (Clarion HMI),” the ultimate “interface for music and information in automobiles and other mobile environments”. The new global brand “Clarion” will use a new brand logo and color. Sales of products under this brand will begin in January 2006 in the U.S.A., followed by subsequent ’06 models aimed at other markets worldwide.

This new brand launch signifies, the Clarion group’s commitment to “fulfill their customer’s high expectations” on a worldwide scale. As the first step, Clarion will offer products and services that provide an interface to link people, to music and information in mobile environments, only in a way that Clarion could make possible. This new brand launch will be initiated through various promotional activities.

Summary of the new global brand “Clarion” is as follows:

Overview of New Global Brand “Clarion”

New Clarion Logo

Start of new brand

From January 2006

Launch schedule plan for new brand products

The first wave of new brand products: Mobile electronics (North American models) will be announced at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES January 5-8, 2006, Las Vegas, NV), with subsequent models also scheduled for release. After this, sales will begin sequentially in Europe, Asia and Oceania, with sales in Japan.

Selection of new brand logo and new brand color

New brand logo: Using the conventional “Clarion” logo created with a gradient color to offer a sharper impression. The new brand color: “Clarion Azzurro”* was selected to express the clarity and reliability of the company. *Azzurro means “blue” in Italian.

Promotion implementation

Exhibit at the 2006 International CES: Clarion Corporation of America’s Booth #1801 North Hall (January 5-8, 2006, in Las Vegas, NV, USA) Kicking off with the above, we also intend to distribute our unified global brand message through various media worldwide.

Kicking off with the above, we intend to distribute our unified global brand message through various media.

Regarding the Brand Key Word “Human Mobile Music Media Interface”

Brand key words

Clarion’s brand slogan “Human Mobile Music Media Interface (Clarion HMI)” is an expression of our corporate stance to “become an interface for music and information in mobile environments” which expands upon our ideals of the “Human-Machine Interface” in a multi-tiered, three-dimensional way, as only Clarion could make possible.

Human Mobile Music Media Interface (Clarion HMI)

HMI Logo

HMI Logo

By linking music and information with the mobile environment, it evolves into an individual’s personal space making it more comfortable and pleasurable. Clarion’s goal is to be the interface to achieve this for people worldwide, to help make their lifestyle activities and mobile environment more enjoyable.

Brand Ad Concept

“Music, information, and mobility. Clarion strives to offer the ideal connection solution to link all of these elements.” By connecting music and information to the mobile environment, it evolves into one that is more convenient and satisfying. Clarion provides the interface that creates this connection while on the road or on the go, for the people of the world. We always strive to provide new exciting and satisfying products. Even the same road that you’ve traveled so many times before, will be vividly reborn in the world of Clarion. The new global brand, “Clarion” in Azzurro Blue.

Brand Ad Story

「Clarion Way」

The blue sky, blue sea, and blue earth.

A mobile space where you can enjoy and share music and information... Providing people with products that enrich and add value to their lifestyles…. is what the “Clarion Way” is all about. With Clarion, any road becomes a stage where life can be truly and fully enjoyed.

Brand Image

Music, information, and mobility

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