Clarion Expands Music Catcher Line

Gardena, CA - (January 6, 2005) - Clarion Corporation of America, a leading manufacturer of mobile entertainment systems, expands the Music Catcher line with two new ProAudio models, the DXZ955MC and DXZ755MC, and an economically-friendly version, the DB455MC.

The DXZ955MC and the DXZ755MC feature the Music Catcher technology that allows the user to press the onscreen “Record” button to save up to 6 CDs worth of music, while the DB455MC offers 3 CDs of storage. An additional benefit of the Music Catcher technology is that it is easy to enjoy skip-free playback at the touch of a button.

The DXZ955MC is aesthetically pleasing with a stainless steel faceplate, and Optimedia display that links to superior graphics, multiple background colors, screensavers and wallpaper, and a 4.2-inch full color TFT display.

The DXZ755MC touts an aluminum faceplate, 728 color variations, and full-dot matrix display. The DXZ755MC model also includes Smart Control. According to Ralph Dominguez, Clarion’s Senior Manager of Product Planning, “Smart Control is a user-friendly technology that allows users to fast forward and rewind music by using the touch control button, which improves music selection options.”

The DB455MC features a two-toned faceplate, perfect for the user that prefers sound to style. The unit also includes a flip-down CD loader and screen saver.

The MSRP for the DXZ955MC is $899.99, the DXZ755MC is $599.99, and the DB455MC is $299.99.

DXZ955MC Features

  • ProAudio CD/WMA/MP3 Player With CeNET Control
  • 4.2-Inch Full Color TFT Display
  • Optimedia Touch-Screen Technology
  • Shock-Proof Memory for Skip-Free CD Playback
  • High-Powered MOSFET Amplifier (53 Watts x 4 Channels)
  • 24-Bit D/A Conversion and 4-Volt/6-Channel Outputs
  • CeNET Controller
  • 3-Band Parametric
  • 1 AUX Input
  • ADF for Compressed Audio Enhancement
  • Motorized Stainless Steel Faceplate (Detachable)
  • Remote Control
  • AC Processor 4: Dolby Pro Logic II, Time Alignment, Virtual Space Enhancer

DXZ755MC Features

  • ProAudio CD/CD-R/RW/MP3/WMA Player
  • Music Catcher One-Touch CD Recording
  • CeNET, 6-Channel RCA Output, 1 AUX Input, Built-In LPF
  • Shock-Proof Memory for Skip-Free CD Playback
  • 2-Band Parametric EQ, ADF Compressed Audio Enhancer
  • Motorized Sloping Aluminum Faceplate (Detachable)
  • Full-Dot, High-Contrast Positive Display, 728 Variable Colors
  • Internal MOSFET Amplifier (53 Wattsx4 Channels)
  • Remote Control


  • CD/CD-R/RW/MP3/WMA Player
  • White Negative Display including Screen Saver
  • ABS Injected Faceplate
  • Precise Rotary Volume Control
  • Flip-Down CD Loading in Two Entry-Level Models
  • DB455MC-Music Catcher One-Touch CD Recording
  • 2-Channel RCA Output
  • Internal Amplifier (52 Wattsx4 Channels)
  • Magna Bass Ex, Z-Enhancer
  • Detachable Faceplate
  • DCP Case
  • Remote Control

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