Clarion Launches In-Dash DVD With iPod Interface

Gardena, CA - (January 6, 2005) - Clarion Corporation of America, a leading manufacturer of mobile entertainment systems, introduces the first all in one multimedia iPod user interface with the release of the VRX755VD. This in-car multimedia unit sports brushed aluminum edges and has a similar onscreen design as Apple’s popular iPod music player.

The versatile design of the VRX755VD includes options for front-seat passengers such as the ability to plug in an iPod, switch on Sirius Satellite Radio, or even listen to a CD, the radio, or any other CeNET-equipped audio source. While front-seat passengers enjoy such amenities, rear-seat passengers can watch a DVD or VHS movie and listen via wireless headphones.

“The VRX755VD is Clarion’s answer to seamless integration with the iPod,” says Kazu Arai, Clarion Marketing Manager. “With its dazzling finish and stunning illumination, this unit was created as the perfect compliment to any vehicle dashboard,” Arai explains.

Aside from an iPod unit, this DVD/CD/MP3 player includes a flip-down CD and DVD loading mechanism and offers a host of sound quality features. For instance, because the unit controls the DVH940, it results in ample surround sound. Another advantage to the VRX755VD is that it includes an amplifier bypass circuit that dissuades signal noise and results in better sound quality.

The MSRP for the VRX755VD is $1,599.99.

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