Clarion’s New Source Units Focus on Aesthetics and Performance

Gardena, CA – (January 6, 2005) Clarion Corporation of America, a leading manufacturer of mobile entertainment systems, introduces three new source units, the DXZ655MP, the DXZ555MP, and the DB355MP to the expanding source unit line.

The DXZ655MP incorporates an impeccably sleek look with streamlined cosmetics. The unit has a detachable motorized sloping aluminum faceplate and 728 variable display colors.

In collaboration with the DXZ655MP, the DXZ555MP also boasts a lustrous aluminum faceplate, flip-down CD loading and screensaver, making this source unit a real standout for its economic price.

“The DXZ655MP and the DXZ555MP reflect consumers needs for technologically savvy units,” says Ralph Dominguez, Senior Manager of Product Planning for Clarion.

The DB355MP features a two-toned faceplate -- absolutely perfect for the user that prefers sound to style. The DB355MP also features 2-Channel RCA outputs and a detachable faceplate.

The MSRP for the DXZ655MP is $399.99, the DXZ555MP is $279.99, and the DB355MP is $239.99.

DXZ655MP Features

  • ProAudio CD/CD-R/RW/MP3/WMA Player
  • Detachable Motorized Sloping Aluminum Faceplate
  • Full-Dot High-Contrast Positive Display, 728 Variable Colors
  • Internal MOSFET Amplifier (53 Watts x 4 Channels)
  • 2-Band Parametric EQ, Magna Bass EX, Z-Enhancer Plus
  • CeNET, 6-Channel RCA Output, 1 AUX Input, Built-IN LPF
  • Remote Control

DXZ555MP Features

  • ProAudio CD/CD-R/RW/MP3/WMA Player
  • Negative High-Contrast Display With Screen Saver
  • Internal MOSFET Amplifier (53 Watts x 4 Channels)
  • CeNET, 4-Channel RCA Output
  • AUX Input
  • 2-Band Parametric EQ, Z-Enhancer, Magna Bass EX
  • Aluminum Faceplate With Flip-Down CD Loading
  • Remote Control

DB355MP Features

  • CD/CD-R/RW/MP3 Playback
  • High-Contrast Negative Display
  • (13 x 8 Digits) With Screen Saver
  • 51 Watts x 4 Channels
  • 2-Channel RCA Output
  • Magna Bass EX, Z-Enhancer
  • Detachable Faceplate
  • Remote Control

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