Clarion Brings the EQS744 Equalizer to Market

Gardena, CA – (January 6, 2005) Clarion Corporation of America, a leading manufacturer of mobile entertainment systems, has built a reputation for creating high quality equalizers. The legacy continues with the EQS744 7-band graphic equalizer, a unit offering a high signal-to-noise ratio with its 7-volt RCA output.

The EQS744 boasts superior control with frequency adjustments in the 50kHz-to-16kHz range over seven bands. The EQS744 allows car audio enthusiasts to get optimal sound quality. “This is especially important when utilizing an external audio source, such as a portable DVD player, TV tuner or VCR, in the AUX input,” says Jerry Bedoy, Product Category Manager at Clarion.

The equalizer includes an auxiliary input and subwoofer crossover that gives the sound quality increased performance. The equalizer is a 1/2-DIN unit with 7 bands of adjustment and built-in high-pass and low-pass crossovers with subwoofer-level control.

The MSRP for the EQS744 is $199.99.

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