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From "a Manufacturer of In-Vehicle Devices" to "a Solution Provider For In-Vehicle Information Systems"

With the rapid advances in IoT (Internet of Things) technology connecting objects to the Internet and AI (artificial intelligence) technology leveraging value from vast amounts of information, there is a demand for solutions that combine these technologies to solve problems. As a solution provider for in-vehicle information systems, Clarion is solving problems related to transport.

Smart Cockpit Solutions

With the entire world now connected to the internet and advances in autonomous driving technology, cars are transforming from a method of transport to a space more deeply connected with daily life. Therefore, the solutions we provide must support all facets of daily life, not just in the interior of the vehicle. By deploying transport solutions beyond car interiors, Clarion provides a more comfortable life environment for users.
  • Before boarding - Planning the best schedule for users
  • During autonomous driving - Enjoying a safe riding experience
  • During autonomous driving - Spending a comfortable, productive time
  • Manual driving - Achieving safe, accident-free driving
  • Arriving at a parking lot - Parking quickly and easily to reach your destination
  • Delivery - Boosting urban mobility operation efficiency and improving safety

1. Before boarding - Making the best operational plan

The time before setting off can often be busy, with lots of preparations to be made. Clarion connects people, vehicles, and data together to provide a unified portrait of user intentions, as well as weather, schedule, traffic info and more, to help ensure a smooth departure. This unified information is accessible not just at home, but also during and after the trip on your smartphone and TCU (Telematics Communication Unit) thanks to the Smart Access service and Door-to-Door navigation that provide up-to-date information anytime, anywhere. The OTA (Over the Air) feature leverages constantly changing information and safety measures to provide the most up-to-date driving environment and ensure safety, continually providing new information to users.

2. Inside an autonomous driving vehicle - Enjoying a safe riding experience

In this era of autonomous driving, cars do more than just run reliably; the driver's safety and security are of utmost importance. Our system works with cloud networks to collect and analyze the latest traffic and road information in real time, allowing it to predict traffic in advance and output information vital to driver safety. Clarion's exclusive HMI (Human Machine Interface), combined with the SurroundEye onboard camera system and sensing function, monitors traffic and the local environment to provide visual, audio and vibration feedback to the driver about hazards around the vehicle. We provide solutions that intuitively communicate information about nearby vehicles and load on the autonomous driving system, keeping the driver focused and prepared to manually drive at any time to maintain safety and security.

3. During autonomous driving - Spending a comfortable, productive time

While driving is left to the vehicle, Clarion provides users with a comfortable interior space. In a world overflowing with content, it takes a great deal of work to figure out what to choose. Clarion’s systems use collected driver data to understand drivers’ intentions and select appropriate contents from the cloud network. It provides the news when necessary, a schedule check when there's an appointment that can’t be missed, or the driver's choice of music when they need some pepping up. Audio information is provided smoothly, thanks to Clarion's exclusive audio technology.

4. Manual driving - Achieving safe, accident-free driving

Our system accurately ascertains the situation around the vehicle and supports the safe journey for the driver during both manual and autonomous driving. Clarion uses high-sensitivity cameras that work in night conditions, the SurroundEye onboard camera system, and vehicle communications technology to recognize and determine the situation around the vehicle, using HMI control to accurately communicate safety conditions to the driver.

5. Arrived at a parking lot - Parking quickly and easily to reach your destination

Have you ever arrived at your destination, only to have trouble finding a parking space? Clarion uses parking traffic information taken from cloud-based networks, as well as the vehicle environs information gathered by its vehicle networking technology, to provide smooth parking support. An automatic parking function is currently under development, based on the SurroundEye onboard camera system. In the future, we will use this technology to create a driverless, fully automatic parking system to aid users who have trouble with parking.

6. Delivery - Boosting urban mobility operation efficiency and improving safety

Clarion is always thinking about ways to create a productive motorized society, continually playing a role as a solution provider for in-vehicle information

systems looking toward the age of autonomous driving. Our Smart Access For Enterprise (SAFE), a service platform built for businesses, needs to continually evolve to meet the needs of our customers and society at large. In order to solve customer issues as quickly as possible, we have gone beyond self-sufficiency as a manufacturer to create solutions that take advantage of partner systems.

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