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Development and Release of a New Full Digital Sound System

Sep 15, 2015

Demo exhibition held at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Release in Japan, the United States, Europe, and Australia is scheduled for 2016

  • FDS-01
Clarion Co., Ltd. (Managing Director and COO: Hidetoshi Kawamoto/Hereinafter referred to as Clarion) has developed a new in-car full digital sound system made up of a digital processor and full digital speakers. The new "Z3" system, comprised of a processor, tweeter, and commander, the "Z7" full digital speaker, and the "Z25W" full digital subwoofer will be released next spring in Japan, the United States, Europe, and Australia.
The new system has been developed with an emphasis on improving full digital sound playback quality. The system is highly versatile with connectivity options for a wide range of devices and also features an intuitive sound tuning function. Previously in 2012, Clarion released in Japan the world's first in-car full digital speaker audio system (center unit/speakers) which allowed digital audio sources to be played back (digital to digital playback*) in their native form. For their latest system, they have achieved even higher quality audio playback based on full digital sound technology using LSI original in-car high output that can efficiently convert digital signals. By embedding a drive circuit to the speakers, an external amplifier is not needed, and it can provide advantages in cost, mountability, and weight.
Furthermore, along with the full digital playback achieved with direct connection to external audio devices and high-resolution compatible smartphones (Android ™), the versatile system can also be connected to a wide range of devices regardless of a car's center unit (genuine and commercially available systems), standards (1DIN, 2DIN), and specifications (digital output, analog output). In terms of sound tuning aspects, the system can create an optimal audio environment intuitively using smartphones and tablets. Currently, Clarion is also in the process of developing a digital output center unit that is compatible with this new system.
Clarion will be holding a demo exhibition of this new system at the company's "Clarion booth" during the Frankfurt Motor Show (held in Frankfurt, Germany between September 17 to 27).
*Trigence Semiconductor's Dnote technology is used for digital signal processing.
Dnote is a registered trademark of Trigence Semiconductor, Inc.
Name Model Japan Americas Europe Australia
In car Full Digital
Sound Processor
Z3 Release
April 2016 April 2016 April 2016 April 2016
In car Full Digital
Z7 Release
April 2016 April 2016 April 2016 April 2016
In car Full Digital
Z25W Release
April 2016 - April 2016 April 2016
*The company and products names listed in our documents are registered trademarks of Clarion.

Main Functions and Features

1. Full digital playback with digital-to-digital transmission
Utilizing full digital transmission from digital audio sources to speakers, high-resolution sound sources can be input directly to speakers without worrying about sound deterioration. Unlike conventional amps, this new system performs oversampling and digital modulation to the digital signals, and by directly driving digital signals to speakers by converting multiple digital signals and outputting them from high output power multi-driven D-class drivers, high quality audio that is faithful to digital sounds can be achieved.
Conventional System
Full Digital System
2. Equipped with originally developed in-car high output LSI
The in-car high output LSI, which is optimal for digital speakers, has been custom developed by Clarion. Direct input of 96kHz digital signals have become possible, and by combining 256x oversampling, the world's first (*1) 24MHz ultra-high speed drive has been achieved that is over twice that of conventional full digital systems. In addition, by converting digital signals with even better efficiency, a high output power that is four times that of conventional full digital systems and half the power consumption of analog systems (*2) has also been achieved.
*1: The world's first as a multi-drive type D-class driver.
*2 Drive circuit of a general audio system
3. Compatible with high sound quality playback, including high-resolution playback.
By connecting a high-resolution compatible smartphone (Android ™), you can directly playback high-resolution audio sources recorded onto audio files with full digital quality. Smartphones can also be easily connected to the digital processor using a USB cable. In addition to being able to directly input digital signals of a high-resolution audio source (up to 96kHz) with a USB connection, the analog signals can also be converted to digital audio data with high precision 96kHz sampling. It is also possible to operate 96kHz sampling frequency waves through all channels ranging from DSP audio source signal processing to digital transmissions to speakers.
4. Speakers equipped with newly developed six-layer multi-voice coils
The speakers are equipped with "six-layer multi-voice coils" that lets you use a digital signal processing technology (Dnote) to directly transmit multiple digital signals to the voice coils, which enables precise cone strokes. By combining the six drive forces, a high power and high quality audio playback can be achieved.
5. High versatility achieved with a wide range of connectivity options
The system can be connected to a wide range of devices, including external audio devices such as smartphones/tablets, genuine systems, and commercially available systems, regardless of standards (1DIN, 2DIN) and specifications (digital output, analog output).
6. Intuitive tuning with smartphones and tablets
By installing and using an application compatible with smartphones and tablets, it is possible to perform precise tuning with intuitive controls. This allows easy control for smooth and precise tuning.
7. Compact and mountable processor
With its compact size (116mm×180mm×37mm), it is possible to mount the processor in any desired location.
8. Commander that can be operated with intuitive controls
The large-scale rotary volume lets you intuitively control the volume and a wide range of other functions.
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