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Quality Control

Unrelenting Quest for Quality to Build a Solid Foundation of Trust.

Quality Evaluation System Built to Deliver Reliability in Severe Automotive Environments

Clarion in-vehicle products need to deliver stable and reliable performance in a wide variety of climates and environments around the world, from the tropics to the polar regions, and from the desert to the rain forest. Clarion, as a best partner of the customers, maintains a stringent system of quality control, so that it can continue to deliver assured quality in own brand aftermarket products and in those for OEM customers.
In the processes of designing using 3-dimensional CAD, various analyses of optics for the illumination, heat within the device, strength of components and tolerance assure perfect designing quality. Simulation tools are employed for ease of assembly in order to further improve the product quality.
Clarion products reach the hands of our customers only after grueling tests and uncompromising quality evaluations have been repeatedly applied.
● Design Simulation

Establishing a Quality Administration System Highly Appreciated in the Global Market

Clarion has actively introduced high-definition cameras and X-ray equipment to check the status of mounting on highly dense circuitry and miniaturized parts. Standardized check operations have been adopted at all production lines from domestic to overseas, ensuring that the same high quality standards are enforced at any Clarion manufacturing facility around the world.
● Production System

Production line (mounting)


Pallet inspection line

Quality Administration System ranging from Automobile Industry to New Business Domains to meet the World Standards

Clarion has established a quality administration system that meets the needs of our worldwide OEM clientele. As part of this, all Clarion group manufacturing units including the one in Thailand which started its operation in April 2012, have acquired certification for ISO/TS16949, an international quality standard specific to the automobile industry. Furthermore, we are building up quality assurance processes in the area of New Category Products (such as Smart Access, etc), and are striving to further improve quality assurance system which ensure global addressing of customer support in an aim to “ensure satisfaction and trust of customers”.
● Quality Evaluation System

Enhancement of R&D Functions in China: Establishment of a Global R&D Center

We are in the process of large scale enhancement of R&D functions of CXEE (Xiamen, in Fujian Province) aiming to expand business in China where we see most remarkable growth in the emerging countries, as well as to ensure cost competitiveness to meet demands from the global market.
Expansion of CXEE R&D Center started in 2010 and number of personnel increased about 3 times from 190 in December 2010 to 592 in March 2013.
In the future, further expansions are planned so that CXEE will be responsible in addition to current duties of product development to Chinese domestic market, to those for the global markets. At the same time, we shall make efforts to further improve engineering capability and quality assurance system to meet requirements of global customers.
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