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Global Network

Clarion’s Unique Global Network: Worldwide Coverage, Localized Emphasis.

As rapid advances are made in the telecommunications infrastructure such as cloud computing, we at Clarion are implementing a unique global strategy to change our company expansion from in-vehicle equipment manufacture to invehicle information solution provider. While each region maintains overall administrative functions, our advanced supply chain, by effectively linking to region, customers and products, allows us to cover worldwide markets and deliver optimal products and services to our worldwide clientele in a timely manner. Through proactive organizational restructuring and continued innovations, we will spread the Clarion brand not only on a global scale, but also ensure that it gains a foothold in each local market.
Japan American Region
Clarion Co., Ltd. (CT)
Clarion Sales and Marketing Co., Ltd. (CSM)
Clarion Manufacturing and Service Co., Ltd. (CMS)

Clarion Corporation of America (CCA)
Clarion Canada Inc. (CCI)
Electronica Clarion, S.A. de C.V. (ELECLA)
Clarion do Brasil Ltda. (CBL)
Ultra Industrial S.A. de C.V. (ULTRA)


European Region

Asia/Oceania Region
Clarion Europe S.A.S. (CEF)
Clarion Europa GmbH (CED)
Clarion (G.B.) Ltd. (CGB)
Clarion HungaryElectronics Kft. (CHE)

Clarion (H.K.) Industries Co., Ltd. (CHI)
Dongguan Clarion Orient Electronics Co., Ltd. (DCOE)
Xiamen Clarion Electrical Enterprise Co., Ltd. (CXEE)
Clarion India Private Limited (CIL)
Clarion (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (CM)
Crystal Precision (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (CPM)
Clarion Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (CAT)
Clarion (Taiwan) Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (CTC)
Clarion Australia Pty. Ltd. (CAP)

Sales Companies
Manufacturing Companies
Development Companies
Clarion Head Office Facilities
Affiliated Companies
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