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Advanced Technology

Superb Technology Creating a New Style of Automobile Society.

As a result of the worldwide evolution of the Internet and the widespread popularization of the smartphone, the car is increasingly becoming a venue into which people wish to bring new comforts and functionality through Internet connection on a sustained basis. Keenly aware of the future of the global marketplace, Clarion has created the “Smart Access” cloud service for vehicle, to offer people the added value of connectivity and thereby boost the attraction of in-car information systems. As a “In-Vehicle Information Solution Provider”, we will roll-out an entirely new lineup as OEM and aftermarket products.

Full-scale Introduction of Smartphone Interoperable Functions making use of Smart Access

Clarion has started to introduce the function of smartphone app linkage to our center units as one of the Smart Access services. (Smart Access is the cloud network service for automotive by Clarion.)
There are 2 approaches (2 Steps) for smartphone linkage.
The first step is to help users to use smartphone app easily and more comfortable. Our center unit has a big display compared with smartphone and good sound system. So, the users can enjoy smartphone app more with these merits, especially movie, music and so on.
The 2nd step is that Clarion makes unique apps for automotive environment and provides them through smartphones, such as CRM or VRM service apps.
Clarion starts the 1st step in Japan, US and Euro markets in this year. We will adopt new smartphone apps more and more based on Android™ smartphone apps mainly. In addition, the 2nd step also will be launched in near future. This smartphone linkage function is just beginning of Smart Access services.
Clarion will continuously introduce more new value to the market, such as big data, AI, interactive cloud voice recognition and so on.

Proposing “Smart Cockpit” Comprehensive System as an In-Vehicle System Provider

By integrating with IT-related technologies, the role of the invehicle system becomes more crucial as a means for conveying vast amounts of information to the driver. Clarion thereby is advancing comprehensive system
“Smart Cockpit” which integrates with the vehicle’s control system in addition to car navigation and car audio systems. “Smart Cockpit” unifies the capabilities of in-vehicle information devices, cameras and sensors, as well as Smart Access, which are all Clarion’s business strengths. As a result, it generates a wide variety of customer value in situations where the car interior links with the outside world, and provides a unified system through which the driver can experience a sense of safety, security, and comfort.

Launch of World’s First Full-Digital Speaker System “01DRIVE”

Clarion has developed and launched the world’s first full-digital speakers, which balance eco-friendliness with premium sound.
Our “01DRIVE” Series full-digital speaker system combines digital signal processing technology, “Dnote”*¹, and Clarion’s long nurtured in-vehicle audio technologies. This enables to reproduce digital sound quality without deterioration in high quality by “Digital to Digital” full-digital transmission from digital audio source to speaker units. What’s more, drastic saving in electric power is achieved with driving voltage of less than half, and power consumption about 1/8*², compared to conventional speakers.
In December 2012, Clarion launched the full-digital speaker systems Z8/Z17F and Z1R for in-car use, and the portable fulldigital speaker ZP1, making them the world’s first full-digital speakers in their respective categories. This was followed by introduction of the home-use embedded type full-digital speaker ZF160 in April 2013.
In the future we intend to further develop exclusive ICs and speaker units to provide higher sound quality and higher output, thereby accelerating the creation of next-generation audio systems.

∗1 Dnote: Registered trade mark of Trigence Semiconductor. This is a technology to reproduce voices by feeding modulated audio signals directly into multiple speaker units or voice coils. 

∗2 Power consumption about 1/8: comparison with our products

● Comparison with Conventional Systems
● In-vehicle Full-Digital Speaker System Z8/Z17F and Z17R
● Portable Full-Digital Speaker ZP1
● Embedded-type Full-Digital Speaker ZF160

Development of Original Sound Processing Technology “Intelligent Tune”

In order to achieve ideal sound quality in the acoustically harsh environment of the car interior, we have vigorously pursued the development of Clarion’s original sound processing technology “Intelligent Tune”. To date, our product offerings have included “Vocal Image Control”, “Virtual Bass” and “Volume Smoother” functions based on this technology.
Currently, in addition to creating new acoustic functions, we are also developing new smartphone apps that work in conjunction with in-vehicle audio systems to enable users to easily customize the in-car soundscape according to their personal preference.
● Vocal Image Control
Controls the vocal image to move it right in front of the listener
● Virtual Bass
Adding harmonics for a feeling of stronger bass sound
● Sound Restorer
Generated high-range supplementation signals improve sound of compressed audio
● Volume Smoother
Automatic adjustment of volume differences in various sources alleviates troublesome volume adjustments by sources.
● Smartphone Sound Processing apps(Under development
Smartphone app allows easy adjustment of car audio’s acoustic parameters and automatic sound space compensation

Superb Technology Creating a New Style of Automobile Society

Increasingly Advanced Camera Systems for Cars (Camera Application Products)

With the goal of achieving a safer and securer automotive society, we are striving to develop “Vision System” of applied image processing and image recognition technologies to assist in the parking and driving of cars. The system includes as core technologies “Overhead View Monitor ” and sensor functions. While Overhead View Monitor displays information around the car, sensor technologies enable detecting of approaching pedestrians and vehicles. We, moreover, put efforts in enhancement of camera products, which are the hearts of the “Vision System”. We strive to improve reliability of “Vision System” by feeding it more accurate and profound information with technologies of ultra-wide angle lenses for expanded field of vision, logic development and application of sensor elements to provide more natural images in severe light environment such as at night and/or with strong backlights.
● Detection of vehicles/pedestrians using image recognition function of rear view cameras
Our Overhead View Monitor uses a wide-angle lens, enabling display of a broader perspective than conventional rear cameras. Incorporated image recognition technology enables detection of obstacles approaching from right or left to effectively support driving when backing up.
● Lane detection using image recognition function of rear view cameras
The rear camera isn’t limited to driving in reverse. Its image recognition technology detects traffic lanes, and warns the driver when the vehicle veers out of its lane.
● Overhead View Monitor

Our latest Overhead View Monitor goes beyond augmenting the driver’s field of view around the vehicle. Combined with image recognition technology, it is able to detect obstacles approaching from any direction and send a warning to the driver.

Innovative UI (User Interface) Revolutionizes In-Vehicle Equipment

Our abundant know-how in the in-vehicle equipment field, coupled with a fresh perspective that can see beyond conventional wisdom, allowed us to create a totally new connection between person and machine. Evolution of the next-generation in-vehicle information system continues to accelerate with this revolutionary new UI, worthy of becoming the gateway to a new world.
● Applications

“Smart Access” App: In-car top menu

The iPhone® integration supported apps available through “Smart Access” are based on the safe and comfortable UI know-how (e.g. button size, character size, high contrast color scheme, intuitive hierarchy) we have gained through development of in-vehicle equipment.
● Development of application software of Smart Access for Android™
Weather4car application software for Android™ Display screen of vehicle mounted device ∗The image is an image.
Display screen of smartphone
Calendar4car application software for Android™ Display screen of vehicle mounted device ∗The image is an image.
Display screen of smartphone
Application software for Android™ was developed to make it available to more customers, following interoperability software with smartphones last year. The concepts of the UI (user interface) designing of the software were to make the customers feel familiar with the design as well as to assure customers ease of use.

Eco Driving with the Global Environment in Mind

Clarion has been promoting “Green Navigation” concept with technologies and product designs to assist more eco-friendly driving. We have introduced features such as “Save-energy Route Search” to find the route that uses the least fuel. These features bring about reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel bills, and are friendlier to both the planet and drivers. It is foreseen that more HVs and EVs will come into use. We intend to continue developing eco-drive technologies that are a perfect match for these next-generation cars with ecological consideration in the future.
● Save-energy Route Search

Searches for most fuel-efficient route based on various criteria 

● Ups and downs requiring frequent acceleration? 

●How congested? 

● Distance to reach destination? etc.

For example…
Expressway: Can reach destination fast but is long way
around and is sometimes congested.
Mountain road: Shortest travel distance but lots of ups/downs
require frequent acceleration/deceleration.
Surface street: Slightly longer distance but flat, with less
congestion to reach destination faster.

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