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最大 250W5 英吋 x 7 英吋 訂製式多軸 3 音路



The “GOOD” Series (SRG)

The easiest way to upgrade from your factory installed system. Clarion’s GOOD Series Coaxial Speakers let you pursue better sound while remaining budget-conscious. Available in various types to match your vehicle.

Realistic Wide-Range Sound with Multi-Axial 3-Way Construction

Clarion’s GOOD Series speakers feature a strong neodymium magnet boasting a 32kHz reproductive range, and high-performance PEI Balanced Drive Tweeter or PEI Dome Tweeter. By virtue of the multi-axial 3-way construction forming the woofer, midrange and tweeter into a unit, it delivers realistic sound with wide dynamic range. MIPP cone is used for the woofer to ensure high responsiveness and reproduction of clear sound with less distortion.

MIPP Cone Woofer for Low Distortion and High-Speed Response

Propylene with mica particles blended in is used in this injection-moulded cone to attain superior response, making it ideal for digital sources.

Metallized PEI Balanced-Drive Tweeter for Rich Reproduction of Mid-Range and Highs

This tweeter features a Metallized diaphragm material for superior response, and PEI balanced drive for reduced mass and dramatically improved dynamic range. Count on crisp reproduction throughout the 2.5Hz - 30kHz frequency range.
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