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Together with Society

Clarion Group aims to be a good corporate citizen. To this end, we engage in activities in support of local communities throughout the world. We have developed a wide range of activities in each country, including support for future generations, activities to contribute to local communities, and support (donations) for areas afflicted by natural disasters. Through activities such as these we are actively contributing to the wellbeing of local communities.

Social Contribution Activities

 The whole of the Clarion Group has developed wide range of social contribution activities in each country with initiatives of each office, prioritizing support for areas suffering from natural disasters as well as establishment of friendly relationship with local communities.
【 Domestic 】
■ Participation in Saitama City Marathon as Volunteers
 Saitama City Marathon was held on March 25, 2013, organized by the City of Saitama. Clarion supported the event as a part of activities to contribute to the community as well as to improve the brand value. On the day before the event, about 120 Clarion employees and families as volunteer staffs helped to organize the event.
■ Arakawa River Clean-Aid Initiative 
 We took part in “Arakawa River Clean-Aid Initiative” organized by Boy Scouts Tokyo Federation on June 24, 2012. The initiative aims to recover natural life along the river, thinking about issues on water quality and recovery of nature while picking up wastes left on the river beds and.
■ Participation in Koriyama Uneme-Matsuri Festival, “Odori-Nagashi” (Dancing Parade) 
 Uneme-Matsuri, aiming at revitalization of local community, was held in August 2012 in the park in front of the Koriyama Station (Fukushima Pref.). As members of Koriyama Hitachi Group Association, 50 Clarion members, mainly from Clarion Manufacturing and Service (CMS) took part in an event of “Odori-Nagashi”.
【 Overseas 】
■ Widely Extending Volunteer Activities of Clarion Hungary (CHE) at Rehabilitation Facilities and Schools
 In September and October 2012, CHE personnel engaged themselves in fence repairs and painting, flowerbed arranging, garden cleaning and other activities at an aid facility for fitting artificial limbs and at an elementary school attached a church as CHE’s official activities.
■ Three-year Old Tree Planting Activities by Clarion Mexico (ELECLA) in Vaquerias Area 
 In one year of 2012, they planted 3,300 trees. After planting, they take regular care of watering and other cares every month.
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  3. Together with Society

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