The reality only high-definition can provide; the intensity only a big screen monitor can provide. Overwhelming sound and powerful expression of the 5.1-channel surround sound system fully realises the near infinite world of home theatre. Furthermore, the 2-Zone system allows the front seat and back seat spaces to be separated, and for separate audio or visual sources to be played back independently and simultaneously in these zones. Control over this overwhelming performance can be easily mastered using the smart touch operation and highly operable L-shaped button layout. And when it is installed into the console, it blends in with the look of your vehicle so smoothly that you would think it was the 2-DIN main module designed specifically for your car. With the addition of compatibility with new types of media including iPod® control, and with the feeling of fingertip control over all of the functions, you can immediately appreciate the extra touch of elegant status that only the MAX676VD can provide.

Outstanding sense of presence and visibility brought together inside the vehicle

  • DVD±R/DVD±RW/CD-R/CD-RW ready
  • MP3/WMA compatible with ID3/WMA -TAG display
  • 18 FM, 6 AM station presets
  • DSP tuner with variable band width
  • iPod direct connection and control
  • 2-Zone entertainment: front and rear separate source control
  • 24-bit D/A converter
  • 3-band parametric equaliser
  • 4-channel × 50 watts of MOS-FET amplification
  • DVD video and audio/video CD compatible
  • Fully motorised 7-inch QVGA colour LCD monitor
  • Touch panel control with soil-resistant finishing
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Phone mute
  • 1 AUX AV input (2-channel audio + video)
  • 1 video line-out and 2-channel audio pre-out for 2-Zone entertainment
  • 6-channel audio pre-out
  • CCD camera input
  • CeNET Control of: 5.1-channel decoder, TV tuner and 6-disc CD changer
  • 1 optical output
  • AUX Bluetooth audio/mobile-phone transceiver BLT370 ready
  • OEM steering wheel remote wired interface capability

24-bit DAC

Noise generated by conventional DACs id distributed randomly throughout a wide range in the spectrum, including the audible range. To circumvent this, Clarion adopts a high-performance 24-bit DAC normally only found in expensive home audio systems. Not only does it cancel out unwanted noise well into the non-audible high frequency range, but it also extends the S/N ratio for clearer, more realistic sound.

True 2-Zone Entertainment

Clarion’s 2-Zone entertainment feature offers more flexibility when it comes to mobile entertainment system. Now, owners of Clarion’s MAX676VD get more front-seat listening options while rear-seat passengers watch and listen to a DVD via wireless headphones. So, plug in an iPod, listen to a CD, the radio, or any CeNET-equipped audio source. This is versatility where you need it most in the car.

5.1-channel Dolby Digital/dts Surround

First there was home theatre, now there’s road theatre. 5.1-channel surround sound is a must for home entertainment today. Now you can enjoy it in your car as well. Dolby Digital and dts provide an incredibly realistic sound environment with three channels of sound in front of you (left, right and centre) together with two more behind you, plus a dedicated low-frequency sub-woofer channel that makes the sound larger than life. It all combines to produce a dynamic cinema-like sound field even within the relatively small space of your vehicle’s interior. So turn your next road trip into a road show with Clarion’s high-performance cinema sound.

Digital Media Ready

If it’s on an optical disc, bring it with you. The MAX676VD can handle it. From your favourite CDs to the biggest blockbuster DVD titles, the MAX676VD will recreate them with all the realism and detail you’d expect. It’s ready for your digital media collection as well, with MP3 and WMA audio playback and Video CD decoding. The MAX676VD is the perfect choice to be at the heart of your mobile entertainment system.

Bluetooth Ready with BLT370

You’ve got hundreds of your favourite songs stored on your cellular phone or iPod and it’s time to free them. Let the Clarion and Bluetooth bring these songs to life like you’ve never heard them before. You can also use the BLT370 as a hands-free kit for your cell phone, so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

•The LCD panel uses the latest high-tech components and boasts an effective pixel rate of 99.99%. However,be aware that 0.01% or less of the pixels may be defective.

•WARNING: The driver is prohibited by law from viewing a video signal on any in-dash monitor while the vehcle is in motion.

•There is no guarantee that all units in this catalogue can play CCCD (Copy Control CD), Hybrid SACD (Super Audio CD), CD-R/RW and DVD±R/RW.

*Playlists of mixed music and movie files cannot be played on iPod video compatible units.



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