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Full Digital Sound Products

Clarion Leads the World in Full Digital Sound
Clarion’s full digital system minimizes sound loss to the extreme. This enables unprecedented sound fidelity where the true essence of the sound source is reproduced as-is, and contributes to ear-awakening high-response sound. Attention all music lovers: Brace yourselves for Full Digital Sound that will move you like never before.

Full Digital Sound

From Source to Speakers, Digital-to-Digital Changes Audio

Full digital signal transfer from a digital source enables direct input of high-resolution audio sources to the speakers without worrying about sound deterioration. High-quality full digital sound is reproduced, with purity that’s true to the original. High-efficiency conversion from digital signals into sound makes the system capable of delivering 4 times the high power output of conventional full digital systems*1, while achieving low power consumption that’s only about 1/5th that of analogue systems*2.

*1 Compared to other Clarion references. (Convention full digital systems were sold Japan market only)

*2 Compared to the driving circuit of a typical factory original audio system.

Conventional System


Full Digital Sound System

FDS_04 *Trigence Semiconductor’s Dnote technology is used for digital signal processing.
 Dnote is a registered trademark of Trigence Semiconductor, Inc.

Full Digital Sound Technology


World's First*3 Dedicated LSI for Automotive Grade Clarion Originally Developed

Clarion developed the first dedicated LSI for automotive grade that efficiently converts digital signals into sound, helping to achieve higher quality playback of full digital sound, while ensuring efficient energy consumption.

*3 As of September 2015 (Clarion research).

Digital Sound Processor Delivers Versatility

Digital sound processor accommodates factory original centre unit as well as those from other manufacturers, and external digital audio equipment. The ability to connect analogue speakers also contributes to the system’s versatility.

FDS_05 Example of Full Digital Sound system
FDS_06 Example of mixed system including analog system

Intuitive Tuning Using your Smartphone or Tablet

By installing an application on your smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy high-precision sound tuning like Crossover, Time Alignment and Equaliser and more with an intuitive touch operation. Fine tuning of each parameter can be done with a few simple steps.


New Developed 6-Layer Multi-Voice Coil Goes beyond Conventional Conception

The system incorporates Dnote digital signal processing technology and 6-layer multi-voice coil, transmitting multiple digital signals directly to the voice coil to realise a precise cone stroke. By consolidating 6 different vibrational forces, the speaker delivers high-powered high-quality sound.

High-Resolution Audio Playback Compatible

Just connect a smartphone, and you’ll be able to enjoy playing the music files stored on it, including high-resolution audio content, with high-quality (from digital to digital) reproduction.

Full Digital Sound reproduces all the fine nuances and presence of high-resolution audio sources.


Bold design positions solid metal parts on the black body
Champagne gold trim accentuates the bold design

Space-Saving Processor

The processor features a slim-profile compact design to enable installation in a variety of locations including under the seat.

Commander for Control of Volume and Various Functions

Equipped with a large rotary volume control, the commander provides easy and comfortable operation even while driving.The body’s black colour and hairline finish contribute to the solid, quality-intensive form.

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