• Compact Disc Text
  • Windows Media
  • MP3 ID3 TAG
  • 4V/6ch Output
  • AUX Input
  • Z-Enhancer
  • Magna Bass EX
  • 24-Bit D/A Converter: Music Reproduction at Its Best
  • Low-Pass Filter
  • MOS-FET Power AMP
  • 53W×4 HIGH POWER
  • Slope Console
  • 728 Variable Color
  • MESSAGE Information
  • CeNET Technology
  • AMP Canceller

Overwhelming power of expression set free by the super-high definition display

Equipped with the industry’s first fully Integrated full-dot high-definition 16-grade greyscale VFD, the DXZ766MP expresses both text and moving pictures in super-high definition. The fashionable radiance of the unit combined with high-definition sound creates a sophisticated car audio-visual space. The unit is fully equipped with a 24-bit D/A converter, which faithfully expresses every nuance of the digital source sounds on recorded CDs, Z-Enhancer, which you can use to alter the sounds suit your favourite taste in music, and 4V 6-channel output terminals, which extend the realms of in-car entertainment excellence.

Detachable control panel

Motorised sloping console

  • Z-Enhancer sound customisation
  • Low-pass filter
  • 18 FM/6 AM station presets
  • 4-channel × 53 watts of MOS-FET amplification
  • MP3 and WMA compatible with ID3-TAG display
  • CD-R/RW ready
  • FI VFD (Fully Integrated 16-gradation full dot VF display) (256 x 64 dot)
  • 728-variable colour illuminated keys
  • Screensaver
  • CeNET control of: DVD changer (easy), TV tuner, 6-disc CD changer
  • 4-volt/6-channel RCA output
  • 2-channel AUX input with level control
  • CeNET iPod interface compatible

FI VFD (Fully Integrated full dot vacuum fluorescent display)

Equipped with a high-definition full-dot display that clearly and distinctly displays letters, numbers and graphics. Text display and advanced motion picture displays are speedily and beautifully projected thanks to the easy-to-see 16-grade greyscale and warm graphic expression.

24-bit D/A converter

A key component in the transfer of digital data from a CD into analogue sound is Clarion’s 24-bit D/A converter. Because the digital realm is made up of unnaturally square sound waves, as opposed to the smoothly undulating sound waves characteristic of the real-world environment, Clarion’s embedded 24-bit D/A converter recreates the natural nuances and expressions lost during the sound reproduction process.

Smart control & retractable rotary volume control

Much more ergonomic and intuitive than buttons,this control lets you adjust the volume with analogue type flexibility. It’s just another way Clarion helps you keep your eyes on the road while keeping your ears entertained.

LPF (Low-Pass Filter)

For optimal subwoofer performance, Clarion equips its DXZ766MP with a built-in Low-Pass Filter. Offering users selectable frequencies at 50 Hz, 80 Hz, and 120 Hz, Clarion’s Low-Pass Filter stops mid- and high-range frequencies from entering the subwoofer output. This allows users to really dial in the bass so it hits harder, tighter and cleaner.

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