Clarion Enhances In-vehicle Services for Smart Access using Cloud-based Voice Recognition and Search Services by Google

Clarion Co., Ltd. (President, Mr. Tatsuhiko Izumi, referred to as Clarion) concluded an agreement with Google for deployment of Voice Recognition (“Voice search”) and Search Technologies (“Google Places”) provided by Google.

With this agreement, Clarion will start to offer for “Smart Access,” which is Clarion’s own cloud-based information network services, diverse topnotch cloud-based services as services for Clarion’s in-vehicle information devices taking advantage of “Voice search” and “Google Places”

By adopting the “Voice search” and “Google Places,” which are widely deployed already with various mobile terminals such as smartphones among others, Clarion makes the experience possible for users to enjoy the same services in vehicles, with mobile terminals and at home in the same environment. By integrating these technologies into cloud-based technologies originally developed by Clarion, it intends to offer services related to cloud-based voice recognition, in harsh in-vehicle environment as a part of service products of “Smart Access”. As Google has already extended “Voice search” and “Google Places” services throughout the world, Clarion’s cloud-based voice recognition services can be expanded quickly in the global markets. In addition to enhanced existing functionalities, Clarion’s in-vehicle devices are already equipped with “connectibility” functions, and Clarion believes it is possible to increase their added value with these new services. Clarion will work aggressively to expand its business and sales throughout the global markets, including domestic and overseas retail and dealer option markets and OEM customers.

Interoperability with consumer devices (such as PCs and smartphones) as well as with IT-based services (such as webs and SNSs) is an indispensable function for in-vehicle information devices. The purpose of Clarion’s deployment of cloud-based services is to offer an environment for vehicles, which can offer seamless services in mobile devices and mobility based on user perspectives. While continuing to offer in-vehicle devices with “connectibility,” with simultaneous enhancement of IT-related services, Clarion will contribute to support more comfortable and safer car life, with improved user convenience.

Clarion will continue to enhance own cloud-based information network services of “Smart Access”, which it has launched and operates with cooperation of Hitachi Group, and further intends to be an “In-Vehicle Information Solution Provider” which continues to offer topnotch products and services to its customers by integrating IT-based technologies with Clarion’s in-vehicle technologies.

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