Development of Next Generation Voice Recognition Technology “Natural Conversation Type Voice Recognition”

Clarion Co., Ltd., (President, Mr. Tatsuhiko Izumi, hereinafter referred to as Clarion) has completed development of next generation voice recognition technology, “Natural Conversation Type Voice Recognition” which responds to user needs for stress-free voice recognition system.

Clarion, who have introduced unique cloud-base services, “Smart Access*,” will release this fall, a new navigation device ready for cloud-based voice recognition, “Intelligent VOICE*,” which facilitates users to search for necessary information from abundant and latest cloud-based information even with fuzzy voice commands. This newly developed “Natural Conversation Type Voice Recognition” is such technology that ensure stress-free voice searches in a manner as if the user is talking with a person.

This was realized through combination of Clarion’s voice recognition technologies and “netpeople Technology” of iNAGO (Tokyo Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ron DiCarlantonio, hereinafter referred to as iNAGO) who are engaged in the business of development and sales and marketing of human-computer-interaction (HCI) technologies. The “netpeople Technology” consists of technologies of “Goal-Oriented Conversation,” to navigate users to goal (destination) with proactive questions in context; “Context-Aware,” to understand based on context of the of conversation; and “Natural Language Understanding” to understand the meaning of what the user says in natural language. Combination of technologies of the both companies have made natural conversation type voice searches possible in the manner as if the user is talking with a person, in severe vehicle environments with road, wind and other noises.


iNAGO Incorporated

Established in 2000
Tokyo Office Fukao Bldg. 5th Fl.
1-4-5, Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045, Japan
Main Business Development/Sales of Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) technologies

Android Application "mia powered by netpeople"

Download URL:

*Smart Access is cloud-based information services for vehicle users to enjoy more comfortable, safer and more convenient drive experience. By “connecting” to the vehicle via smartphones or other communication devices, Smart Access can offer, thanks to cloud-technologies, among others, various conveniences of use of entertainment, drive-related and internet information in vehicle environments.

* "Intelligent VOICE”

Intelligent VOICE makes use of Google’s speech recognition technology and Google Places API and searches abundant and latest cloud-based information for necessary information. Information is updated from time to time and it is possible to read the latest information of reviews besides of the facility. Even fuzzy information commands can activate the searches.

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