Clarion Releases 2 Models of Navigation Devices: NX713, ready for Newest Cloud-Based Voice Search Function and NX702W, 200 mm Wide SD AV Light Navigation Device





Clarion Co., Ltd., (President, Mr. Tatsuhiko Izumi, hereinafter referred to as Clarion) releases two models of Navigation devices from early in October one after another:

NX713, ready for newest cloud-based voice search function and NX702W, 200 mm wide device with pursued ease-of-use of intuitive operation controls and enriched navigation and AV functions.

(Both are open priced models.)

In an era when functions of interoperability with consumer devices (PCs and smartphones) and connectivity with IT services (Web and SNS, to name a few) has become indispensable to in-vehicle information devices, Clarion responds to users’ demand with introduction of “Smart Access*,” cloud-based services for vehicles.

The new model, NX713, is a high spec navigation device designed to realize seamless services to users combining Clarion’s uniquely developed cloud-technologies for vehicles, Google’s speech recognition technology and Google Places API with abundant point-of-interest information. The newly developed “Intelligent VOICE,” free narration type destination search functionality, can search necessary information from Internet even if incompleted information is input by voice search function. The information to be searched for is updated from time to time and, it is possible to read the newest review information in addition to needed facility information.

NX702W is a 200 mm wide navigation device to be installed with perfect fit in the car’s interior (console). The built-in 2 x 2 full-segment terrestrial digital TV tuner offers full digital TV enjoyment in the car. Audio/visual functions are also enriched to offer such enjoyment of H.264 format moving picture files (only with SD). “Mapple Navi 4” is installed as the map data stored in the device. This is a tourist navigation with information of about 100 volumes of the Shobun-sha’s newest tourist guide books, “Mapple Magazine.” With all the functionality, NX702W will offer the users enjoyable driving and touring experience.

Description Model Name MRP
(Manufacture’s Recommended Price
(Tax included))
Release Date
Smart Access Link Wide 7” VGA Screen
Terrestrial DTV/DVD/SD
AV Navigation Device
NX713 Open Beginning of October
200mm wide 6.8” VGA Screen
Terrestrial DTV/DVD/
SD AV Light Navigation Device
NX702W Open Middle of November

* Smart Access, cloud-based information network services, offers vehicle users more comfortable, safer and more convenient driving experience. Smart Access through connection between the car with smartphones and other such devices, makes diverse conveniences such as information on entertainment, driving and internet available inside the cars.

* Corporate and product names in this document are all registered trademarks of each owner.

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