Clarion develops world’s first full digital speaker system for in-vehicle use

Realising the Next-Generation Car Audio System through Major Improvements in Energy Efficiency and Sound Quality

Clarion Corporation (Tatsuhiko Izumi, President) has developed the world’s first full digital speaker system for in-vehicle use. With the advent of this speaker, it is now possible to create an all new full digital car audio system that reproduces all the information present in digital audio sources to their fullest.

This newly developed speaker is the convergence of “Dnote” (*1) digital signal processing technology, and the in-car acoustic technology that Clarion has accumulated over the years. Inputting and reproducing digital signals directly from digital sources such as CDs makes it possible to play the sound of those digital sources with all the quality they possess, without loss. What’s more, it succeeds in reducing driving voltage by over 50%, and keeping power consumption at approx. 1/8 that of conventional speakers, for enormous energy savings. Unlike conventional car audio systems, it does not need to convert digital signals to analogue in the amplification process during playback.

Clarion intends to incorporate this newly developed speaker technology in high sound quality car audio systems optimised for vehicles where saving energy is essential, such as electric cars, hybrid cars, and idle-stop equipped vehicles.

Comparison with Conventional System

Conventional (Analogue)

Conventional (Analogue)

Newly Developed (Full-Digital System)

Newly Developed (Full-Digital System)

*1 Dnote is a registered trademark of Trigence Semiconductor, Inc. This technology allows digital audio signals to be modulated and input directly to multiple speaker units or voice coils for sound reproduction.

*2 Power consumption approx. 1/8 compared to other Clarion product.

Trigence Semiconductor, Inc.

Headquarters: 4-6-13-501 Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0074

President: Akira Yasuda

Established: 2006

Business: Design of analogue/digital mixed signal and development of signal processing exclusively for full digital speaker (Dnote)

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