ClarionMiND™ Now Dealer Option for Nissan cube® in LA Area

Features include special design and dedicated user interface

Tokyo, Japan (July 23, 2009) – Clarion Co., Ltd, the pioneering global manufacturer of vehicle electronic devices, today announced that the ground-breaking ClarionMiND™ “Mobile Internet Navigation Device” has been chosen by Nissan North America, Inc. to be test marketed as an official dealer accessory for 2009 cube® models, which went on sale in the United States in May. Nissan North America is the first to select ClarionMiND™ as an official dealer accessory.

ClarionMiND™ will be offered first to consumers through a limited number of Nissan dealers in the Los Angeles area as part of a market test.

ClarionMiND™ is a next-generation mobile device that uses the powerful Intel® Atom™ processor to deliver an enhanced navigation and entertainment experience. An in-car device offering a full-spec Internet environment, ClarionMiND™’s sophisticated features include high-speed Internet connection, full Web browsing, GPS navigation and digital content access and management.

"Local Search from Google Maps™", a Point of Interest (POI) search function was added to the ClarionMiND™ features in March, drastically enhancing destination search capability by combining GPS technology and Internet connectivity to provide access to virtually unlimited, continually updated POI information. This feature can display search results on personal maps and set routes with one click.

ClarionMiND™ for the Nissan cube® features a dedicated docking kit harmonized to the vehicle’s instrument panel; specially designed user interface, screen and functions; and supports hands-free Bluetooth® mobile telephony. It is compliant with specifications set by the U.S. Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers for text input and screen scrolling for vehicles in motion.

MyClarion (, a Web portal for ClarionMiND™ users, has been expanded recently. New services include the online Music Locker™, which gives device owners access to their music collections anytime, anywhere; and the free MyTraffic service for smooth commutes supported by personalized traffic information, custom drives and alerts from NAVTEQ™.

ClarionMiND™ for Nissan cube® will be test-marketed beginning July for US$799 plus installation.

ClarionMiND™ for 2009 Nissan cube®

  • Powered by Intel® Atom™ processor
  • Full Web browsing
  • Wireless Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®
  • Hands-free telephony via Bluetooth®
  • Premium GPS navigation
  • POI search via Google Maps™
  • “Send POI from Google Maps™”
  • “Local Search from Google Maps™”
  • Unique simple user interface with exclusive screens and functions for cube®
  • Quick and easy feature selections

For driver safety, some functions such as web browsing are not available while ClarionMiND is docked, and cannot be used while driving. Navigation and music playing functions are available at all times.

Driver-side view


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