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Coming in April: The "DrivTrax™ P5" Personal Navigation Device

Clarion Co., Ltd. (President: Tatsuhiko Izumi) will release the DrivTrax™ P5, the company’s first Personal Navigation Device (PND) for the domestic Japanese market, at the beginning of April 2007.

Combining precision guidance and an intuitive interface with a richly detailed database, Clarion has developed a unique Personal Navigation Device (PND) that provides the optimum balance of portability and ease of use. Whether on business or pleasure the "DrivTrax™ P5" will swiftly and accurately guide you to the destination or point of interest of your choice wherever you are.

The "DrivTrax™ P5" owes its powerful navigation features to Clarion’s exclusive in-vehicle product technology — built upon its many years in pursuit of the ideal integration of music, information and mobility, and embodied in the “Clarion H.M.I. (Human Mobile Music Media Interface)” brand slogan. Massive in-vehicle navigation functionality in a compact package comes thanks to such major features as an 11 million address searchable database, search and route calculation, route display, voice guidance and other capabilities, coupled with a vivid 4.3-inch liquid crystal touch panel display, large-capacity 2 GB Flash Memory and the versatile expandable Microsoft Windows® CE 5.0 operating system.

The onboard SD card interface can be used to move from the world of navigation to the world of entertainment, by transforming the device into a portable MP3/WMA music player or a JPEG/BMP Picture Viewer, while the mini-USB port will make it possible to stay on top of future changes by enabling the transfer of map updates and other valuable information.

With a built-in lithium-ion battery capable of up to 4.5 hours of operation and rechargeable using the included AC adapter or USB cable, the device’s portability and ease of use extend beyond the vehicle. Compact (132 mm x 90.5 mm x 22 mm), ultra-light (198 g) and a snap to mount or dismount using the included one-touch car bracket, the device can be held in one hand, and slips easily into a pocket, handbag or briefcase, and out of the reach of would-be thieves in the unfortunate event of a car break-in. Easy to operate and carry anywhere, by car, bike or on foot, whether at home or out and about, users never have to wonder where they are or where they are going.

The major features of the DrivTrax™ (coined from words “Drive,” “Transport” and “x the unknown”) are outlined below.

Product Name Model Price On sale
DrivTrax™ P5 Personal Navigation Device DTR-P5 (Open) Early April 2007

Major Features

Main Unit Specifications

  • Size: 132 mm x 90.5 mm x 22 mm
  • Weight: 198 g
  • Main memory: 2GB Flash Memory
  • GPS: SiRF STAR III Module with 20-channel GPS receiver
  • CPU:Samsung 400MHz
  • OS: Windows CE 5.0
  • SD card slot
  • Mini-USB connector
  • Ultra-bright 4.3-inch liquid crystal color monitor touch panel
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (up to 4.5 hours of operation at minimum LCD backlight time)
  • 1.5W built-in loud speaker
  • 3.5 mm external headphone connector

Navigation features

  • Search functions
    Address Search • Phone Number Search • Japanese Phonetic Sound Search • Category Search • Peripheral Search • Search History
  • Route calculation
    Standard • Distance • Highway • Toll Road Evasion • Up to five connecting point settings available
  • Voice guidance
  • Automatic route recalculation (manual operation also available)
  • Highway mode
  • Intersection lane and route signboard indication
  • Rally view indication
    When providing route directions, the direction of travel (arrow) at the next guidance point • distance to the point clearly displayed on the screen
  • Route information indication
    Complete route confirmation • Expected distance/destination arrival time • Route covered • Highway tolls


  • Approx. 11 million address searchable database (including house numbers)
  • Approx. 8 million phone numbers
  • 487 peripheral information retrieval categories
  • 120 categories
  • Japanese phonetic sound search
  • 39,462 intersection lane and route signboard locations
  • 63,657 intersection names
  • 30,256 lane guide, 906 toll roads
  • 4,566 junction guide
  • 11 selectable map scales (50 m ~ 100 km)

Media Player

  • Playback of MP3/WMA/WAV format files stored on SD cards
  • Equalizer function

Picture Viewer

  • Viewing of JPEG/BMP format files stored on SD cards
  • Slide show function

Kit content

  • Bracket
  • Suction-cup installation stand
  • Suction-cup base for installation stand
  • Car cigarette lighter power adapter,
  • AC adapter
  • USB cable
  • Stylus pen
  • Plug converter
  • Owner's manual in DVD-ROM

    *Microsoft®, Windows® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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