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Environmental Report

Environmental Policy

Faurecia Sustainability Guide

Based on the policies of the Faurecia group, FCE Koriyama promises to reduce the environmental impact of products and processes through the following initiatives.
  1. We evaluate the environmental impact of our products and services. We set promote our environmental targets. We review our environmental targets every year to improve our environmental performance. We continuously improve our environmental management system.
  2. We reduction of harmful substances in products, resource saving, promote the provision of environment-friendly products and services such as reduction of energy consumption, contributes to reducing the environmental burden on society.
  3. We promote energy conservation and strive to prevent global warming.
  4. We promote waste reduction and recycling, and promote the recycling of resources.
  5. We strive to conserve the ecosystem and promote environmental conservation while greening the offices and surrounding landscapes.
  6. We prevent environmental pollution due to wastewater from the offices and leakage of oil and harmful substances.
  7. We comply with environment-related laws and regulations, other requirements agreed by the organization, and self-standards.
  8. We improve and educate our employees about environmental conservation through education and training.
  9. We actively disclose information and communicate with the external parties about our environmental conservation activities.
Revised January 20, 2021

Certification Overview

Name of Organization Faurecia Clarion Electronics Co.,Ltd. Tohoku Plant
Address 50,Shimotagawara, Aza Kanaya, Tamura-machi, Koriyama-shi Fukushima, Japan
Registration No. JE0039H(ISO 14001:2015, JIS Q 14001:2015)
Scope of Accreditation 1. Manufacture of Audio, Visual and Data Comunication Equipment for Automobiles.
2. Repair Service for Clarion Production.
Initial Registration Date
Registration Date
Expiration Date
Apr. 25, 2000
Apr. 25, 2021
Apr. 24, 2024
Accreditation Body JIA-QA Center
Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association
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