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Business Outline

Next Generation Products Leading the Future Automotive Field.

Recent breathtaking advances in information technology and the incredible spread of smartphones have strongly affected the automotive industry. Users are now able to “connect to the outside world” and access a large volume and wide range of information and services while remaining in the confines of the car. In such a market environment, Clarion has selected “Expansion from in-vehicle information equipment manufacturer to In-Vehicle Information Solution Provider” as the medium-term slogan, aiming to be a company that delivers new values to our customers as only we can, by collectively managing Internet information, camera image information, sensor information, and vehicle control information. As part of the corporate change into an “In- Vehicle Information Solution Provider”, Clarion is implementing “moves you∙connects you” on a global basis. This represents the strong wish that “By keeping you connected to sound, information, convenience, and safety, Clarion moves you”.

IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) System / Cloud Service for Vehicle

In June 2012, Clarion launched “Smart Access”, a new cloud service for vehicle, based on the idea of “smartphone conectivity” which enables the massive number of smartphone applications to be used in in-car environments. Our latest AV Navigation System supports “Smart Access”. Apps for Internet radio reception, for news, and for SNS, are all available optimized for in-car use. Clarion will be providing new value to users all over the world by expanding “Smart Access” service on a global scale, and continuously releasing in-vehicle terminals that support it.

In-Vehicle Audio Systems

Over the years, Clarion has persistently polished its audio and acoustic technologies, and sought to create the ideal sound environment within the car. In addition to seamless connectivity with portable audio players and smartphones, our unique audio technologies are also a major advantage of Clarion audio systems as they allow creation of an ideal sound field in the car interior, an environment that suffers from much unwanted reflection and absorption of sound. Furthermore, the “Full-Digital Speaker” which balances eco-friendliness with premium sound was a world’s first development for the automotive field, and was launched in the Japanese market starting December 2012. Through this technology, we will be promoting the commercialization of car audio systems that are ideal for next-generation eco cars.

Safe Driving Support System (Vision System)

Recent years have seen a rise in demand for car cameras that provide drivers with a sense of safety and security. In addition to conventional rear-vision cameras, Clarion is developing and marketing the Overhead View Monitor that provides a 360-degree view around the vehicle, as well as sensing systems to alert the driver of approaching pedestrians and cars, and various other applications. Clarion will continue to actively develop cutting-edge technologies and support safe driving by promoting the Vision System.

In-Vehicle Systems for Commercial Use

Clarion holds top market share for bus equipment. Our digital signage system uses an in-bus monitor to display not only bus stops along the route but also video and still imagebased commercial messages, as well as news and weather information utilizing Hitachi’s digital signage solution “SignChannel”. We believe that in-bus signage offers higher promotional efficiency compared to conventional digital signage seen on the street, and will continue to formulate and introduce services with high user demand.

OEM Business with Excellent Achievements in the Global Market

With its superb technology and flexible production systems, Clarion is highly appreciated by the global market, and in OEM∗ market, in particular, it has built up secure and long lasting relationship of trust with major car manufacturers with deliveries of genuine parts programs. Our business in the OEM market started already in 1951, when we delivered our first genuine parts radios to Hino-Renault. Currently, we deliver various in-vehicle devices to customers all over the world. This segment can be stated as the back bone of our business. In the coming years, the advanced market will require more evolution in vehicle mounted devices as EVs (Electric Vehicles) and HVs (Hybrid Vehicles) become more popular. On the other hand, in the emerging markets, products matching to the diverse needs of each market are required. Clarion strives to expand its OEM business in a global scale with its long cherished vehicle adaptation technologies and ability to propose products to meet customer needs one step ahead of the times.

∗ OEM:Original Equipment Manufacturing/Manufacturer

Main OEM Customers

Support to EVs with Car Navigation Systems and Telematics Units

“Leaf”, EVs (Electric Vehicles) from Nissan released in 2010 in the US, Europe and Japan are equipped with Clarion’s car navigation systems. These first in the world navigation systems specifically developed and dedicated for EVs, feature multiple special functions in addition to those in conventional systems, to let drivers feel comfortable in driving an EV, such as estimated reachable distance calculated from the battery conditions, warning for expedited charging of the battery, easy search of charging stations, display of electricity consumption status and others. Clarion also delivers telematics units of own development to enable data communication with the data center and signal processing for the functions of remote control of air-conditioner and checking of battery status from outside the vehicle as well as transmission of probe information, by making use of telematics.∗

∗ Telematics units are delivered only in Japan.

Dedicated Navigation System for EVs

1. From Hino Motors Excellent Performance in Cost Improvement Award, Production Cooperation Special Award, Excellent Performance in Quality
Management Award (Fiscal 2012)
2. From Suzuki Motor Corporation VE/VA Proposal Award, Best Partner Award (Fiscal 2012)
3. From Nissan Motor Company Innovation Award (Fiscal 2012)
4. From Honda Access Corporation Appreciation of Excellent Performance Award (Fiscal 2012)
5. From Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Excellent Performance in Delivery Award (Fiscal 2012)
6. From Nissan North America Inc. Zero Defects Award (Fiscal 2012)
7. From City of Saitama Certification of Saitama City Technical Brand Enterprise (Fiscal 2012)
8. ATTT Award Excellent Performance Award in Product & Hardware Division (Fiscal 2012)
9. From Mobile ElectronicsNews(U.K) The ICE Gold Awardfor "Best Single DIN AV Head Unit"for 2012-2013 (Fiscal 2012)
10. From Honda AccessEurope N.V. “ExcellentPerformance2011”Award
11. From Subaru of America, Inc.(SOA), “Silver Award”(Comprehensive assessment ofProposal/Development/Quality)
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