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Targets and Achievements

Clarion recognizes that our business activities are deeply related with society and environment and continues to promote such measures to be more friendly to society and environment.

Efforts and Achivements

*Targets are to be unified to those of Hitachi Group Environmental Action Plans from fiscal 2013

A: Targets achieved, continuation of good status
B: Partial achievement and/or continued efforts
C: Target unachieved and Efforts and Achivements existence of problem(s)
(∗1) Release of Full Digital Speaker Systems “01DRIVE”
(∗3) Volunteer activities of honeybee raising at CEF
(∗2) Recycle ratio
We maintained recycle ratio of 99.5% and more with implementation of patrolling waste separation on sites
(∗4) Volunteer activities at Inawashiro Lake in Fukushima Prefecture
Cleaning-up Activities at Fan Tian Si Temple
 Clarion China (CXEE) organized volunteers from various departments and cleaned up Fan Tian Si Temple in the outskirts of Amoy on July 23, 2012, as a part of its Clarion brand activities. Volunteers gathered and sorted the trash promoting actively the Clarion Group environmental activities. CXEE is exerting its full efforts for contribution to the local community.
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  3. Targets and Achievements

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