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SurroundEye — Safe Driving Support System for Trucks

Truck drivers have to be especially alert to avoid accidents. Blind spots can conceal pedestrians or cyclists from view when the vehicle is moving forward, while differences in turning radius can result in unexpected accidents at the rear of the vehicle. To avoid these various dangers, a driver must rely on his eyes, his mirrors, and the vehicleʼ s rear camera. But is it enough?

Accident caused by a difference in turning radius.


Accident where a fast moving vehicle approaches on the passenger side while the vehicle is turning to the driver side.


Accident where the vehicle is backing up and hits a parked vehicle.


Truck drivers are professionals. They know how to drive safely. And they know they need a better safe driving support system to help them avoid the kind of serious accidents that can result when pedestrians and cyclists are hidden from view by blind spots on the sides of the vehicle. 

A safe driving support system ideal for trucks, Clarionʼs SurroundEye synthesizes images from multiple on-vehicle cameras and displays them on the monitor, providing total coverage, including blind spots.

Basic system configuration


Camera mounting positions

2 Cameras
(1)Left side: CC6300E (160° true image)
(2)Rear center: CC6300E (160° true image)

Display interlocking
Backup signal / Left turn signal / Right turn signal

Applicable trucks
Small-size trucks (Total length: 4.5 to approx. 7 m)*
Medium-size trucks (Total length: 7 to 10 m)*
* With total width of approx. 2.4 m or less

Note: The positions shown are for a right-hand drive vehicle. They will be opposite with a left-hand drive vehicle.

Dual camera capabilities

By enabling the driver to view both wide and distant images on the passenger side, this system allows the driver to assess at a glance the relationship between the vehicle and the surrounding conditions. When turning to the driver side, the driver will be able to see a fast-approaching vehicle in the lane on the passenger side even when it is still far away.
A comprehensive birdʼs-eye-view system that is practical, reliable, easy-to-install, and affordable.

Switched images

2 Cameras — when driving (normal image)

SurroundEye_hi_08 Note: The photos shown above are simulated and differ from the actual images shown on the switched displays.

2 Cameras — when turning right and left

SurroundEye_hi_09 Note: The photos shown above are simulated and differ from the actual images shown on the switched displays.

2 Cameras — when backing up

SurroundEye_hi_10 Note: The mounting position is for right-hand drive vehicles. The mounting position for left-hand drive vehicles will be on the opposite side.
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