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SurroundEye — Safe Driving Support System for Route Buses

In order to drive safely, route bus drivers keep a careful eye on the area around their bus, as well as monitoring their side-view and rear-view mirrors. But is this enough?

Confirming vehicle safety

Ensuring that conditions are safe in and around the vehicle when starting or stopping is critical for route bus drivers. With mirrors and visual inspection only, it can be difficult for drivers to make sure that disembarked passengers are not walking around the bus or that there are no children playing around the bus.

Approaching bus stop

Many types of accidents can occur as a bus approaches a bus stop, such as when the bus scrapes a guardrail or a fixture or hits a bicycle coming up from behind when the driver pulls in too close to the bus stop.

Confirming passengersʼ getting on and off

When passengers get on and off, the driver must be able to confirm that they have safely embarked or disembarked. It is also important to be able to see if anyone is running to catch the bus.

Thanks to its ability to provide, a safe driving support system ideal for route buses, Clarionʼs SurroundEye provides 4 cameras bird's-eye-view that enable drivers to confirm at a glance the safety of the entire periphery of their vehicle when stopping and starting, as well as letting them check on passengers near the middle door.

Basic system configuration


Camera mounting positions

4 camera system
Front center : CC6300E(160°true image)
Rear center : CC6300E(160°true image)
Left side : CC6300E(160°true image)
Right side : CC6300E(160°true image)

Display interlocking
Backup signal
Left turn signal
Right turn signal
Middle door

Applicable buses
Buses with middle doors(Total length: Approx.9 to 12 m)

Switched images

4 Cameras — when driving (normal image)


4 Cameras — when turning right and left


4 Cameras — when backing up


4 Cameras — middle door open

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