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Environment Protection Activities

Clarion is working to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities and fulfill its responsibility as a member of society. These activities closely relate to harmonized society with nature, low carbon society, resource efficient society and chemical substance management.

Harmonized Society with Nature

“Clarion Global Eco Photo Contest 2017”

As an event during eco-month in June, we held “Clarion Global Eco Photo Contest 2017.” There were entries of 291 pictures with motif of environment in everyday life from 11 countries around the world, and excellent pictures were commended with prizes. Pictures that passed the first stage assessment were published on the company’s internal website to foster employees’ environmental awareness.


Prize-Winning Pictures


Prize-Winning Pictures

Participation in Volunteer Clean-up Activity of Inawashiro Lake (Fukushima Pref.)

As a part of the environmental joint activities of the Koriyama Site's Eco-Factory Subcommittee, we took part in volunteer works of cleaning up and collection of drifted waterweeds in Lake Inawashiro in Fukushima on Saturday, June 24 and Saturday, September 30, 2017, to collect and remove waterweed and waste which cause deterioration of water quality.

Clarion actively promotes activities for improvement of water quality and preservation of ecological systems of Inawashiro Lake.


Bat Protection Activities in America (CCA)

Bats generally roost in dead trees or the cracks of tree barks.

However, as their habitat is diminishing, many bats have lost a safe place to roost. A bathouse can serve as a bat’s roost, where they can raise their young in a safe and secure environment. Bats feed on harmful insects, helping farmers and gardeners to use less agricultural chemicals. Just one bat can remove thousands of pests in one night.


A Fresh Start on Biotope Construction

In 2010 CMS began working on the Clarion Eco Garden biotope, but activities came to a halt in 2011 due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. In 2015 the decontamination work was completed and we restarted work on the biotope.

To preserve this physical green space, we carried out nature surveys and tree-planting and installed bird houses. In 2017 we opened up Clarion Eco Garden's cherry-tree-lined path to employees and their families. We will continue to look after the factory's biotope so that we can enjoy the cherry blossoms in spring and the chestnuts and changing leaves in autumn.


Low-Carbon Society


Energy Consumption Reduction Activities

The total energy consumed by Clarion Group in fiscal 2017 in terms of crude oil was 3,696 kℓ.

We will further promote the reduction through such activities as reviewing of production processes, introduction of energy saving device and other steady improvement of the work environment.


Intercompany Container Matching (Use of Non-Clarion Containers)

Clarion has started “Intercompany Container Matching” since October 2015 as part of our wasted cost reduction activities for road transport.

Efficient use of empty containers by import & export companies can lead to reduced impact on the environment as well as reduced logistics costs.


Active Use of Forest Absorption Credit (Emission Trading)

Clarion has taken a new step in environment protection through the deployment of international air transport services with CO2 credit. As we use international air transport services, we procure CO2 credit, following the Kyoto Mechanism, and transfer it to the redemption account of the Japanese government.

In the past, we mainly participated in overseas projects when conducting carbon offsetting. However, we can now make transactions using a Japanese project, and funds from carbon offsetting can go back into forestry in Japan. We can indirectly contribute back to the revitalization of forestry in Japan and take measures to cope with global warming.

Resource Efficient Society


In order to realize recycling-oriented society Clarion endeavors to reduce the total amount of waste generated by its business activities and further promote recycling activities. Clarion defines “zero waste output” as “reducing the amount of final disposal at the sites to be less than 0.5%, by recycling more than 99.5%” and we have been working to achieve this goal since fiscal 2011. At the same time, we promote material recycling through improvement of production processes and disassembling of waste.

In fiscal 2017, the decreased amount of parts purchased from overseas resulted in a down in packaging material for parts, and as a consequence, the recycled volume accounted for a total of 732 metric tons, and we managed to recycle 99.9% of our waste. We shall proactively pursue further reduction of environmental impact through promotion of higher level recycling and technology for reintroduction of waste in product resources.

Chemical Substance Management Activities

Clarion conducts thorough chemical substance management through ongoing awareness education and training activities. Moreover, we strive to reduce the output of chemical substances used in production as much as possible by switching these to ones with lower environmental impact. Currently we work primarily to reduce solder, waste oil and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) of which we have higher usage, eventually, waste output.

Complying with the Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTR) Law

Clarion runs a system that tracks the amounts of chemical substances used and their waste output, even if they are used only in smaller amounts below the levels subject to report under the PRTR. In fiscal 2017, although as a whole Clarion domestic operations handled 531.7kg of chemical substances, the amount itself was below that required to be reported under the PRTR Law. We are also striving to reduce the amount of usage and waste output of chemical substances that are not subject to the PRTR Law.

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