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Environmental Report

Environmental Policy

We, Clarion Group Companies, acknowledge that preservation of the environment is one of the most important issues in the management of an enterprise under our Corporate Commitment "To improve society by seeking to develop the relationship between sound, information, and human interaction, and by creating products that meet those needs." As an In-Vehicle Information Solutions Provider, we shall act in our business activities of designing, producing and selling of products, promoting global "monozukuri" (product making) aiming at prevention of pollution and less burden on the environment, and make efforts to realizing the sustainable society with following measures.
  1. We shall evaluate environmental effects through our products and services, set up environmental objectives, which shall be reviewed every year for continual improvement for environmental performance and management system.
  2. We shall promote efforts to offer more environment-friendly products and services with reduction of hazardous substances and contribute to social environmental load reduction, requiring less natural resources and energy consumption.
  3. We shall promote saving energy in our activities and make efforts for mitigating global warming.
  4. We shall take measures for less waste output and promotion of recycling and aim conservation of resources.
  5. We shall make efforts for greening by tree planting and improving appearances, at the same time to preserve ecosystems and promote environmental protection.
  6. We shall take preventive measures against possible environmental pollution from wastewater and leakage of oil or hazardous substances from offices and factories.
  7. We shall comply with all laws and regulations, other requirements acknowledged by the Group and other self-designated standards concerning the environmental preservation.
  8. We shall improve all employees knowledge regarding environmental preservation.
  9. We shall actively promote information disclosures and other communication with outside the Company regarding our environmental protection activities.
Revised on March 24, 2017

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