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Together with Society

Clarion Group aims to be a good corporate citizen. To this end, we engage in activities in support of local communities throughout the world. We have developed a wide range of activities in each country, including activities to contribute to local communities, and support (donations) for areas afflicted by natural disasters. Through activities such as these we are actively contributing to the well-being of local communities.

Social Contribution Activities

The whole of the Clarion Group has developed a wide range of social contribution activities in each country with initiatives of each office, prioritizing support for areas suffering from natural disasters as well as establishment of friendly relationship with local communities.



Lake Inawashiro Cleaning Activities (CMS)

We found out that water quality in Lake Inawashiro, the jewel of Fukushima Prefecture, had deteriorated, and as a company based in this prefecture we wanted to find a way to help. Since 2010, Clarion has been part of a group organized by Fukushima Prefecture to preserve the aquatic environment, and we participate in activities to clean up the lake and remove waterweed twice a year.


Working with NPOs, in spring we clear up trash in the area around the lake, and in fall we collect excess waterweed from the lake. More and more employees are now participating with their families, and the project has become a flagship for our company’s environmental cooperation activities.


Volunteering at Saitama International Marathon

Since 2015, as part of their service to the local community, Clarion volunteers have helped manage the Saitama International Marathon held in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture. The Saitama International Marathon is a professional full marathon, a qualifying race for elite athletes from Japan and abroad, in which 15,000 members of the public took part.

In 2017, a group of 84 people made up of employees and their families and friends participated as volunteers. The volunteers were stationed 5 km from the start at the first water station, where they were in charge of handing water and sports drinks to the runners.

They worked together with other companies, high school students and employees' families to contribute to the excitement of the competition. In the end, the marathon was a great success, and the volunteers shared in the sense of fulfillment along with the many local runners and spectators.


Christmas Concert at Haruoka Community Center and Omiya Kindergarten Graduation Concert

Responding to a request from a local resident, the Clarion Ensemble gave a Christmas concert at the Haruoka Community Center in Saitama's Minuma Ward, where we played 13 pieces including an encore. The concert was well attended, with members of the local community present, and the audience listened to the performance of classical music and familiar tunes. Everyone sang along to the children's songs and the local residents enjoyed the concert.

We were also invited to Omiya Kindergarten's graduation service concert, where we performed eight pieces including an encore. The children's voices filled the church as they sang along with Clarion's performance, and the performance was enjoyed by the children graduating kindergarten and their parents.



Clarion China (DCOE)

Employees visited residents of a retirement home, and gave them gifts.

Representatives from the government also attended. Supporting this government work increased the employees’ feelings of social contribution and improved their volunteer spirit and enthusiasm.

Clarion Hungary (CHE)

CHE has been carrying out work at local elementary schools and other public facilities as part of their service to the community. The activities encompass cleaning, painting and repairing fences and planting trees in schoolyards. The scope of the activities may be small, but by continuing them over a period of time we are building up a close relationship with the community and spreading awareness of the Clarion brand.


Clarion Thailand (CAT)

CAT works with the Red Cross and local hospitals to arrange for its employees to give blood annually. Patients and their families are extremely grateful for the blood donations, and this has contributed to raising the profile of the Clarion brand.

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