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Business Activities and Environmental Impact

Clarion monitors the environmental impact of its activities, including those of the domestic group companies, and promotes environmental protection activities throughout the entire Clarion Group. Furthermore, we have introduced environmental accounting in order to keep track of total costs and investments related to our activities and utilize the data as a tool for environmental management assessment.

Material Flow

Clarion monitors and analyzes the environmental impact of its business activities and actively promotes environment preservation activities. This material flow chart shows input and output data related to Clarion’s environmental impact at each of its sites. The input data include consumption of energy, while the output data show CO2 emissions and others. We continue our efforts to reduce our environmental impact through on-going collection and analysis of data.

< Covered Sites >
● Japanese Domestic sites are following 2 sites:

■ Saitama Site (Saitama-shi, Saitama)
● Clarion Co., Ltd. Head Office and Technology Center
● Headquarters-Annex Office
● Clarion Sales and Marketing Co., Ltd.

■ Fukushima Site (Koriyama-shi, Fukushima)
● Clarion Co., Ltd., Tohoku Office
● Clarion Manufacturing and Service Co., Ltd.

< Relevant Period >
● The relevant period is as follows:
From April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013


Fifty representatives of Clarion Thailand (CAT) participated for the first time in mangrove tree planting as a part of promotion of environmental preservation. Even in Thailand, mangrove forests are decreasing year by year and preservation of biodiversity is getting more difficult. Needs for enhancing regenerative power of global environment as well as promotion of environmental preservation are widely appealed there. The experience of planting, struggling with mud and getting so dirty, made the participants realize the difficulty of mangrove tree planting. At the same time, though, they all felt sense of satisfaction and achievements. We also learned that the changes in the environment are deteriorating the valuable forest environment, although Thailand has been boasting summery climate all the year around and evergreen country. CAT plans to continue these environmental activities (including those for contributing the local community) at a rate of twice every year.

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