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Corporate Governance System

Clarion places importance on corporate governance and has developed a system that embodies that awareness. Further, through our efforts to develop a risk management system and redevelop internal controls, Clarion is striving to ensure management transparency at all times.

Environmental Policy

In order to further enhance our efforts in environmental issues, Clarion revised its Environmental Policy in March 2008. Pursuant to this policy, we will continue our group-wide activities promoting environmental preservation and offering products and services which contribute to building up of sustainable society.

Promotional Framework for the Environment

 Clarion acquired ISO14001 certification for its domestic companies in 2000. By the end of March 2008, 7 overseas affiliates completed their acquisition of the same. We have built up promotional framework and continue to enhance environmental management system. Specifically, the activities are promoted by “Standing Committee on the Environment” which plays active roles. At all of our domestic sites, we conduct external inspections once a year, and internal environmental audits twice a year, to assess the state of implementation and maintaining of environmental management system.
External audit of ISO14001 in 2012 fiscal year

Education and Training

Clarion provides systematic education to all employees to increase their awareness of environmental protection.

● General Environmental Education
 The department in charge of Environmental Management provides education and training to department managers. The department managers in turn take the lead in conducting an education program for all employees at least once per year. In addition, in 2007 e-learning was introduced to further develop eco-awareness. In fiscal 2012, 99% of the relevant employees received the program.

● Level-Specific Education
 H.R. Dept. and CSR Dept. organize environmental management system education for each level of managerial staffs to new recruits.

● Training for Internal Environmental Auditors
 This program consists of training for internal environmental auditors by an external training institution and by Clarion’s qualified internal auditors.
Education/training for Internal environment auditors by an outside education institution
● Professional Training for Workers Engaged in Designated Tasks
 Personnel qualified for certain designated jobs under laws and regulations and employees engaged in tasks that have a profound impact on the environment are categorized as “workers engaged in designated tasks”, and are provided with professional training in accordance with their duties. Furthermore, we perform simulated drills regularly to ensure that they can respond quickly and appropriately in a possible emergency situation.

Status of Compliance with Environment-Related Laws and Regulations

 Clarion shares a company-wide database covering major environment related laws and regulations as well as customer requirements. Furthermore, the departments responsible for promotion of environmental activities identify deviation from the reference values set by laws and regulations, as well as environment-related accidents, complaints and risks, and set up and strictly follow self-imposed standards.
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  2. Environmental Report
  3. Corporate Governance System

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