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Environment Protection Activities

Clarion is working to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities and fulfi ll its responsibility as a member of society. These activities range widely from waste reduction, preservation of ecological system, prevention of global warming and other environment protection.

Preservation of ecological system

Preservation of ecological system Clarion ECO Garden 
 A part of Fukushima site premise was turned to a biotope, “Clarion ECO Garden”, to contribute to measures for preservation of biodiversity.
■ Participation in Volunteer Clean-up Activity of Inawashiro Lake (Fukushima Pref.)
 As a part of environmental joint activities of Eco-Factory Subcommittee, we took part in Clean-up Actions of Funatsuhama Beach on Saturday, June 23, 2012, and Collection Actions of Drifted Waterweeds on Tenjin Beach on Saturday, October 13 both on Inawashiro Lake in Fukushima to collect and remove waterweeds and wastes which cause deterioration of water quality. Clarion actively promotes activities for improvement of water quality and preservation of ecological systems of Inawashiro Lake.
Cleaning-up actions on Funatsuhama Beach on Inawashiro Lake
Collection actions of drifted waterweeds on Tenjinhama Beach on Inawashiro Lake
Protection Activities of Honeybees at Clarion France (CEF) 
 CEF staffs are undertaking honeybee raising with an aim to making importance of preservation of ecological systems known better. The population of honeybees is getting smaller due to extensive use of agricultural chemicals. In order to understand better such situation and to protect honeybees, 8 volunteers installed a beehive. They could harvest honey the other day. As the group member grew larege by 32 this year, they plan to install 4 more beehives.
Tree Planting Activities by Overseas Affiliates 
Clarion actively promotes tree planting as a part of preservation of ecological systems.

Tree Planting Activities in Mexico / Activities of Planting of Mangrovetrees in Thailand

Preventing Global Warming

 Clarion’s measures to prevent global warming include cutting down the use of electricity and fuel in order to lower CO2 emissions. Moreover, we are actively working on efficient and environment-conscious transportation. We are also striving to contribute to the prevention of global warming by making efforts to reduce CO2 emissions through products.
Operation Green Curtain 

 Clarion promoted “Operation Green Curtain”again in the fiscal year 2012.
 Environment Group of CSR Promotion Office distributed seeds of Goya (kind of bitter melon) and morning glories to employees who wanted to grow them at home in an effort to save electricity with their effects of “green curtains”.
 Further, in order to raise awareness of “electricity saving”, Clarion’s liquid crystal thermometers were widely used.

CO2 Emission Reduction Activities 

 The Hitachi Group is striving to achieve an energy use reduction target: 15% per unit of production (against fiscal 2005). The total energy consumed by the Clarion Group in fiscal 2012 in terms of CO2 emission was 8,021t- CO2 . This increase was due to higher index of power consumption vs. CO2 emission influenced by the stoppage of nuclear power plants. With the index for 2011, the figure would have been 5,788t- CO2 .


● CO2 Emissions (Total Energy) ∗ With last year’s index of power consumption vs. CO2 emission

Installation of Energy-saving Equipment at Clarion Manufacturing and Service (CMS) 

 At the occasion of anti-earthquake reinforcement works of the office buildings of CMS, they installed various energy-saving equipment such as heat-pump multiple air conditioners and LED lightings. Up to then, air conditioning was done with absorption cool/hot water generator using kerosene as fuel. The CO2 emission of this system was larger and the environmental impacts was heavier. With the installation of the new system, Clarion expects to reduce CO2 emission by 64 tons per year, which will contribute to mitigating of environmental impacts.


Changing air conditioning from cool/hot water generator with kerosene fuel to heat pump multiple air conditioning / Installation of LED lightings

CO2 Emission Reduction Activities in Clarion China (DCOE) 

 DCOE achieved energy-saving through supplying hot water in the employee dormitory using heat generated by the compressor used in the production processes. With this improvement, they could reduce consumption of electricity by 120MWh, and of light oil by 44 KL (each per year) which contributed to reduction of CO2 emission by 205 ton/year.

Active Use of CO2 Credit (Emission Trading)

 Clarion started new approach for more consideration to the environment through deployment of international air transport services with CO2 credit. As we use international air transport services, we procure CO2 credit, following the Kyoto Mechanism, and transfer it to redemption account of the Japanese government. The procurement of CO2 credit, at the same time, contributes to social infrastructure of the State of Karnataka, India, where the project is located from which we procure the credit.

* ECO2AWB of Nippon Express is used for procurement of CO2 credit and for transfer to redemption account of the Japanese Government

Type: Kyoto Mechanism Credit/CER
Project: Wind Power Project, Karnakata, India [NSL27.65MW]Wind Power Project in Karnataka, INDIA Registration No. 0998, UN CDM Board

Effective Use of Resources

 Clarion endeavors to reduce the total amount of waste generated by its business activities and further promote recycling activities. Clarion defines “zero waste output” as “reducing the amount of final disposal at the sites to be less than 0.5%, by recycling more than 99.5%” and we are working to achieve this goal. At the same time, we promote material recycling through improvement of production processes and disassembling of waste.
 Through efforts of waste separation patrol and promotion of education/ training, we recycled 99.9% of output in fiscal 2012. We shall address this issue of further reduction of environmental impact through promotion of higher level recycling and technology for re-input of waste in product resource.


Chemical Substance Management Activities

 Clarion conducts thorough chemical substance management through ongoing awareness education and training activities. Moreover, we strive to reduce the output of chemical substances used in production by switching these to ones with lower environmental impact. Currently we work primarily to reduce solder, waste oil and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) of which we have higher usage, eventually, waste output.

Complying with the Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTR) Law

 Clarion runs a system that tracks the amounts of chemical substances used and their waste output, even if they are used only in smaller amounts below the levels subject to report under the PRTR. In fiscal 2012, although as a whole Clarion domestic operations handled 703kg of chemical substances, the amount itself was below that required to be reported under the PRTR Law.
 We are also striving to reduce the amount of usage and waste output of chemical substances that are not subject to the PRTR Law.

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