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Corporate Philosophy

(Brand Promise logo)
Expresses the value that the Clarion brand can provide,namely that “By keeping you connected to sound,information, convenience and safty...Clarion moves you”.
Corporate Commitment Clarion strives to improve society by seeking to develop the relationship between sound, information,
and human interaction, and by creating products to meet those needs.
Management Commitment

● Providing customer satisfaction and happiness with superior products and services

● Creating new value with original ideas and technology.

● Respecting the individuality and ability of each employee, and establishing a corporate culture of   generosity.

● Maintaining a strong awareness of our place in nature and a commitment to the environment.

● Fulfilling our responsibility, as a corporate citizen, for better society.

● Pursuing corporate profitability and sustained growth.

Action Commitment

● “AMBITION” -We seek to continually improve ourselves through self innovation and courage.

● “CREATIVITY” -We foster creativity and work to produce new value and to turn dreams into reality.

● “SINCERITY” -We work diligently in good faith to prove ourselves worthy of people’s trust.

The link between sound and information communication in the mobile environment of the car will evolve into new domains based on our unique ideas and advanced technologies. Through this, we will provide safety, security, comfort and excitement to our customers all over the world. We at Clarion shall remain at the forefront of the industry, to precisely understand market needs and achieve long term growth.
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