2 CM ( 3/4" ) Super Tweeter

  • HX Series
  • Wide-range 120 kHz silk dome tweeter
  • Silk-cloth soft dome tweeter
  • Variable Angle Tweeter
  • Dual neodymium magnet
  • Input MAX 250W

Clarion’s HX Series boasts dynamic looks and dynamite sound. Our super tweeters can reproduce sound up to an amazing 120 kHz, expanding the dynamics to breathtaking levels far beyond the perceivable audible range of humans. The fibreglass woofer cone offers improved internal loss and sound propagation to accommodate the broader dynamic range of digital sources. And HX series subwoofers feature a Parabolic Metallised Injected Polypropylene cone with long stroke X-Max structure and rubber surround for increased cone movement as well as an aluminium die-cast frame for added stiffness.

HX series: A difference you can hear and see

  • 2 cm (3/4") Pure silk dome tweeter with dualneodymium magnet
  • 2-way mounting tweeter (variable angle flush mounting/surface mounting)
  • Extremely high frequency reproduction of 120 kHz
  • Includes -6 dB/oct. in-line network with level attenuator (0, -6 dB, -12 dB)

Tweeter technology

120 kHz-playback tweeters

Special tweeters that employ a silk dome and dual neodymium magnets were developed in pursuit of rich harmonic elements. With industry-pioneering 120 kHz playback, the performance fully supports DVD audio, SADC, and other next-generation media with sound that reaches far into the inaudible frequency range. These wide-range properties have room to spare to also let you enjoy stable treble when playing back regular CDs.

Variable angles

Tweeters are compatible with a two-way setup thanks to removable bases that allow installation on either the dashboard or in doors. Their variable angle structure that enables the facing and angle to be freely adjusted gives you the ability to put them in the direction that best fits your car and seating position.

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