Marine CD Receiver / CeNET Control


  • Exclusive marinised front panel
  • Water sealed media access door
  • Coated microprocessor
  • Radio tuner with selectable band (Europe/USA/Asia)
  • CD text & title input
  • Z-Enhancer Plus sound customisation
  • Magna Bass EX
  • 4-channel RCA line level output: front + rear (or subwoofer)
  • AUX input
  • Built-in low-pass active crossover network
  • Subwoofer level control
  • Compatible with optional wired remote control (M301RCE)
  • 4 × 52 W amplifier
  • CeNET iPod interface Compatible

XMD3’s water resistant faceplate exceeds CFR 46 watertight standard

Protected by a waterproof-treated front cover built to exceed CFR watertight standards, Clarion’s XMD3 can withstand a water stream from a 2.5 cm diameter hose at 2.5 m for five minutes. This means that the unit can endure rain, splashes and wash downs.

Quick release door with watertight seal

Clarion’s unique rubber gasket and door assembly offer co mplete protection of the XMD3 interior components. This innovative design not only offers the durability you need under extreme conditions, but it also allows for easy, one-touch CD loading, making the unit both functional and reliable. And with at least 10,000 duty cycles for durability, the XMD3 assures long-lasting moisture protection.

Integrated drip shield, mounting gasket and bracket

This design protects the source unit’s chassis from front-panel leakage and seals the bulkhead to further augment the water resistant faceplate on the XMD3. This design also provides maximum chassis support and allows for easy installation.


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