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13 CM (5-1/4″) MULTIAXIAL 3-WAY



The SRE Series

The easiest way to upgrade from your factory installed system. Clarion’s SRE Series speakers let you pursue better sound while remaining budget-conscious. Available in various types to match your vehicle.

Realistic wide-range sound in a choice of styles

Clarion’s SRE Series is available in different types: 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 5-way and component. Regardless of your car's sound requirements or your music preference, you'll be able to find the performance you want in this line-up.

MIPP cone woofer for low distortion and high-speed response

This mica polypropylene mixed injection cone offers excellent basic performance. With mica particles blended into the polypropylene material and injection-moulded, this diaphragm attains a superior response with lightness and rigidity.

Balanced drive mid-range and tweeter for rich reproduction of mid-range and highs

This balanced drive structure is capable of reproducing the 2.5kHz – 30kHz frequency range for crystal clear expression of realistic vocals. The driving point of the voice coil is positioned to maintain an ideal balance between the weight of the chamber and the diaphragm. This contributes to natural sounding vocals with ample extension into the high frequency range.
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