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Makes waves, make music, make your move


Engineered to withstand water and salt

Water and salt can be a marine source unit's worst nightmare. Our CMS4 source unit is IP66 tested to provide you the very best water intrusion and salt protection in its class. It also meets or exceeds ASTM B117 (Salt fog exposure), ASTM D4329 (UV Exposure), and is even resistant to 3.0G of vibration!


Seemless control

Besides its toughness, the CMS4 features large intuitive control buttons and two anti-slip knobs that make operation a breeze. Buttons positioned along the edges of the display controller’s face enable quick, stress-free access to functions.

Multi-colour custom button and knob illumination

Customizable multi-colour illumination of the buttons and knobs allows you to select your favourite colour, match your boats anesthetic, or even reflect your mood.


Watertight display controller

With the CMS4 black box installed, you can control everything from the wired watertight controller. It's simple robust design maximises reliability. The vibrant colour display allows for simple functionality with enhanced durability that can resist the most harmful of elements. The LCD panel is optically bonded to hardened glass for superior scratch resistance, clarity, glare reduction, and anti-fogging.

Intuitive multi-zone interface

Clarion’s unique multi-zone interface makes controlling different regions of your vessel a breeze. From one screen you can see what source is being played in each zone and even link the ones you want to control simultaneously


4 zone control

Since you can control up to four independent zones on the same vessel, people can enjoy listening to different sources in the cabin, in the cockpit and on the deck. For example, relax to soothing background music in the cabin, get the party rolling on deck with some upbeat tunes, and keep your ears on the weather in the cockpit. Every space, and every situation, gets its own soundtrack to sail with.

Fours zone volume screen

Integrated multi-zone volume screen instantly shows you what volume each zone of your vessel is currently set to. The intuitive readout also quickly shows you which zones are linked and even allows you to overrides a specific zones volume with a quick turn of the volume knob.

Dedicated remotes for each or the four available zones

The CMS4 has 4 discrete wired remote ports that allow each zone to be controlled by its own set of remotes. This allows your passengers to control their zone from a remote that is installed in a convenient location.


Day / night themes

High contrast day theme makes viewing information on the CMS4’s display controller screen effortless even in bright sunlight. Night theme inverters the colours so that piloting the vessel when the sun goes down won’t stop your entertainment. Day and night modes can be automatically triggered via the unit’s dimmer wire or manually in the setting menu.


Hideaway source unit for installation flexibility

Clarion’s CMS4 is the ultimate media hub, developed to enhance the user interface and audio experience. It comes jam packed with entertainment options including Bluetooth aptX®, USB, Dedicated camera and audio RCA Inputs, and AM / FM / weather band. True 4 zone, source volume control, and a 7-band equaliser ties it all together and makes it easy to customise your listening experience to meet your exact needs.


Bluetooth aptX for high quality Streaming

Enjoy high fidelity Bluetooth streaming thanks to aptX codec support. This technology maintains the quality of your music when enjoying it over Bluetooth and does not degrade the detail or introduce latency in your playback. Now, even while streaming wirelessly, the CMS4 can reproduce the full audio bandwidth for high quality sound while out on the water.

Please check for compatible mobile phone models "here."

Stay connected to your music on iPad®, iPhone®, and USB flash memory

Get away from it all, but stay connected to your music on iPad, iPhone, and USB flash memory. Just use the cable that came with your iPad or iPhone, and connect to the USB input to display album art and song / artist / album information on the CMS4’s display.


7-band graphic equaliser

Equipped with a full-featured 7-band graphic equaliser, you will enjoy superior control over the audio spectrum with frequency adjustments in the 80 Hz to 10 kHz range over seven bands. This gives you the power to get the most out of your sound system, and the ability to contour the sound output to your musical taste.

Global radio tuner with weather band

The built-in global FM / AM / Weather Band tuner supports reception of radio stations just about anywhere in the world — which is nice when you’re sailing around the globe or just across the bay. With weather band, you'll always have the latest weather updates including automatic reception of emergency information to keep your voyage as smooth as possible.

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