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Relentless Pursuit of Quality Builds Solid Foundations of Trust in Changing Times

Building a Reliable Quality Evaluation System to Deliver in Challenging Automotive Environments

Clarion’s in-vehicle products need to deliver stable and reliable performance in a wide variety of climates and environments around the world, from the tropics to the polar regions, and from deserts to regions of year-round rainfall. Clarion is committed to building a stringent system of quality control, so that it can continue to deliver assured quality in its own-brand aftermarket products as well as in products for OEM markets, consistently providing the best option for its customers.

At the design stage, which employs 3D CAD, flawless design quality is ensured through optical analysis of lighting, in-device heat analysis, component strength and tolerance analysis. Simulation tools are also employed for ease of assembly in order to further enhance product quality.

Clarion products are only delivered to our customers after repeated grueling tests and uncompromising quality assessments.


Our Production and Quality Control Systems Are Trusted by Customers All Over the World

While thrusting ahead with the development of high-precision automation devices, Clarion has been proactive in introducing high-definition cameras and X-ray devices to ensure high mounting quality in high-density circuitry and miniaturized parts. At our production plants in Japan and overseas, Clarion is phasing in production lines on which automated assembly, inspection and other functions are globally unified. This ensures that the same high quality is consistently maintained at every Clarion manufacturing facility around the world.


Global generalized line


Automatic appearance inspection machine for soldering

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